And I’m Off


For the first time in a very long time, I’m going to take ten days off from blogging. I leave today for my summer vacation; a week in the Pacific Northwest (I finally get to taste those Dungeness crabs!) and then Labor Day weekend on Cape Cod. I’ll be back on September 3rd, but while I’m gone I leave you in brilliant hands. Seriously. We have some awesome guest posts lined up for you while I’m gone; so much so, I’m afraid more people will come to the site when I’m not here then when I am here! The site overlord while I’m gone will be my web guru/saint Justin so if you have any problems with reading the site, etc., please direct them to him at And now I venture into the great unknown: ten days without blogging and very little internet access. Will I come back a new man? Will this cure my A.D.D.? Will my Facebook status update itself???

I’m not sure but I’m excited to find out. Have a great rest of your summer, everyone!

7 thoughts on “And I’m Off”

  1. Have fun, I’ll be on Cape Cod for labor day weekend too, I’ll wave, traffic or not it might be the only place to be.

  2. Have a wonderful peaceful vacation and say hi to the Pacific Northwest for me! I just came back from Seattle and miss it already.

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