A Razor/Knife Analogy

We all shave (well, except for you, Moses). Men shave their faces, women shave other parts, and we can all agree that shaving is always better and smoother with a fresh, super sharp razor. Today, after replacing the head on my Mach 3 Turbo, and shaving my face so smooth a baby’s bottom sued me for plagiarism, it occurred to me: “shaving with a super sharp razor is like slicing with a super sharp knife.” Those of you who’ve shaved with super sharp razors may have never sliced anything with a super sharp knife. But the feeling is the same: the same way a fresh razor glides across your face or legs, cutting hair so swiftly and painlessly you can barely believe it’s happening, a freshly sharpened knife glides into whatever it is you’re cutting with imperceptible precision and ease. Who among you replaces your razorhead more regularly than you sharpen your knife? This post is for you. Sharpen your knife and tell me you don’t become a sharp knife junkie. Just don’t shave with a sharp knife unless your name is Sweeney.

3 thoughts on “A Razor/Knife Analogy”

  1. I just want to clarify that I know plenty of men who shave “other parts”… like women do.

  2. My Great Grandpap always said that it was better to have a razor-edge knife for these reasons >>..

    #1 Cuts neater & easier !!!

    #2 you can shave for the “purty gurls” (His Spelling, not mine)……..

    #3 If when yer whittlin’ & you cut the pXXX out of yerself, the sawbones can sew it back on without gettin’ infected !!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like good “Backwoods Logic” to me !!!!

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