May 2008

Food Bloggers Have The Best Recipes (Luisa’s Potato Focaccia, Molly’s Chocolate Granola)

Newspaper recipes don’t excite me.

With their perfect margins, their definitive type, their antiseptic language, I very rarely open the Wednesday Food Section of The New York Times, read a recipe, and run home to make it. Perhaps it’s a function of old media vs. new media, in that the old media feels creaky and irrelevant whereas the new media–by which I mean food blogs–are fresh and accessible and offer real recipes by real people with real personas that aren’t whitewashed or edited, but vivid and alive.

Don’t Hold The Anchovies

Anyone who grew up in the 80s watching “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” will recall a very specific phrase that kicks in whenever the characters decide to order a pizza. I feel like you hear this phrase in “E.T.” when Eliot’s brother has friends over for poker and maybe in an episode of “Facts of Life” where Blaire learns the perils of superficiality. Either way, the phrase is emblematic of its time, not something you often hear today. The phrase is: “Hold the anchovies.”

Quick Notes

(1) Clear your cache and enjoy the new springy banner, a nice corollary to this week’s FN Dish. Thanks Erin, Leah and Justin, once again, for your great work.

(2) My weekly features–Tuesday Techniques and Music While You Eat–will now be more sporadic than weekly. I’d rather do thoughtful posts every now and then than forced posts every week. Plus I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow, and I need to practice counting cards!

(3) Those of you who will be in Vegas, stay tuned… I have an exciting event that all of you can come to. I’m waiting for permission to post about it….

(4) I just noticed my tags aren’t working. Weird.

(5) Doesn’t Cloris Leachman have a weird name? Who names their daughter Cloris?

(6) Sorry, that last one didn’t have anything to do with food.

(7) Ok, time to start writing the next post….

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