nibbles 5.20.08

* The Leite’s Culinaria blog has a nice post on Pimiento Cheese, complete with recipe. Remember: this is the cheese Craig and I ate at Watershed in Atlanta. It’d definitely be worth making at home.

* The new is looking pretty nifty. Congrats to them on the new site.

* Also, congrats to Serious Eats on the new Serious Eats: New York. Today’s interview with David Chang has provided three new dishes to try at Grand Sichuan.

* And speaking of David Chang, can you believe it: I HAD a table for four on Sunday night at Ko. You know: Ko’s the place that’s impossible to get into that only takes online reservations. Well I was futzing around Sunday afternoon, playing the Ko Reservation game where I log on and see the page of Xs indicating there’s no way in Hell I’ll ever get a reservation, and lo and behold there was one for 9:15 THAT NIGHT. I clicked it and it said I had 60 seconds to say yes but I didn’t say yes because Craig’s parents were here and we had plans to go to Franny’s. So, the lesson is: Ko reservations are possible, just keep clicking.

* And just in case you want MORE David Chang, here’s a video of Bill Buford’s interview with Chang, Daniel Humm, and Marc Taxiera at the 2008 New Yorker conference.

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  1. Ko reservations are possible indeed! Justin and I, through sheer coincidence, both ate there last week on the same night sitting two seats away from each other.

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