The Worst Typo I’ve Ever Made in the History of My Blog

From the post below:

“the dark chocolate sorbet was like a big gooey bowel of cold chocolate soup.”

Have a great weekend!

24 thoughts on “The Worst Typo I’ve Ever Made in the History of My Blog”

  1. I had to read it twice to get it! But, I guess when you consider the visual, the slip is somewhat appropriate?

  2. Oh, I so can’t spell. It took me 4 reads to figure it out. That is exactly why I enlist my children as proof readers. If you don’t have children, you might want to consider having some. They come in handy.

  3. If you ever need a copy editor, look me up! ;)

    Miss seeing you around Joe! Or, to clarify: I miss being around Joe, thereby, I miss seeing you!

  4. I appreciate that you have the sense of humor and modesty to not only leave the typo in but point it out! It certainly made me smirk. Keep up the great work.

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