Mean Jelly Beans

You may have already seen this, but there’s a new product called Bean Boozled with two sets of identically colored-jelly beans: one that’s a traditional jelly bean and one that’s truly nasty. See the chart:


Honestly, if I had to choose between buttered popcorn and rotten egg I’m not sure which I’d pick. I HATE buttered popcorn jelly beans.

[via Towleroad]

17 thoughts on “Mean Jelly Beans”

  1. I picked these up at the Jelly Belly factory (forget Disneyland, this is the happiest place on earth!) last week. I want to try them, but I’m a bit of a wimp.

  2. JB in San Diego

    Yikes… I have tried the Harry Potter-branded Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans (by Jelly Belly) which includes flavors like “stinky feet.” Jelly Belly does a great job of re-creating flavors – I don’t recommend these at all unless you also play Russian Roulette as a hobby.

  3. Has anyone tasted these? I’m really curious to try Black Pepper, and do you think toothpaste is minty?

  4. A Big Fan of the AG

    Is there really a market for vomit tasting jelly beans? Frat parties? Mosh pit refreshment stands? Hangover cures? Teacher appreciation days? Please somebody help me understand!

  5. I feel *TERRIBLE* for the person whose job it is to taste the booger flavoured jelly beans and determine whether or not they taste like actual boogers. Eww.

  6. C’mon y’all, we all know boogers taste good, otherwise people wouldn’t eat them…

    But seriously, what’s with the “baby wipes” flavor? That’s cringe-worthy…

  7. I have also tried the Harry Potter jelly bellies, which have a few putrid ones thrown in for good measure. I am not-so-secretly of the opinion that someone with a slight mean streak is having a field day over in the taste lab of Jelly Belly. Because the bad ones…they are REALLY terrible. It isn’t cutesy terrible. The rotten egg one? VILE. Spit it out vile.

    Sigh. And now they are paired. Just mean.

  8. I was SO excited when I first heard about these: black pepper is my favorite flavor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, by Jelly Belly, and I’m pretty sure I like plum.

    But since you can’t buy JUST the black pepper and plum combo, this is a pretty big disappoint. I guess I’ll just need to go back to infusing honey with black pepper and eating it instead of candy. The black pepper, by the way, is amazing. It’s really close to the taste of freshly ground black pepper, only sweet.

  9. Why do I feel the Black Pepper one would be better than Plum. If youve never tried black pepper on vanilla ice cream than your p lain missing out~

  10. I hate the popcorn ones too.

    I love seeing your ad on the Food Network Channel. It’s like “I know that guy!”, only I don’t. I blogger-know (blow?) that guy. That doesn’t work either.

    Congrats on your success.

  11. Whoever approved this idea should be fired. Rotten eggs, vomit, skunk spray? I hope they lose their shorts.

  12. I bought that at Dylan’s Candy in NYC. I have tried them all. Egg is the worst! Toothpaste is actually pretty good, especially after trying the egg.

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