Chocolate Covered Matzos

Passover is over, but I’d like to belatedly submit my review of the Dark Chocolate Egg Matzos I bought at Citarella a few weeks ago. Here’s my review: I didn’t really like it. Sometimes the combination of dry, crackly, salty bread-like substance (pretzels, for example) with creamy, bitter, unctuous chocolate is a winner, but not so with matzoh. Whereas pretzels have that salty edge, matzoh is pretty bland and chocolate can’t redeem it. It’s like on American Idol when Randy says, “If you can sing, you can sing anything.” Matzoh can’t really sing–it’s just a nice vehicle for other foods like that apple stuff I really like. Haroset. Give me matzoh and haroset any day, but keep the chocolate away.

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  1. The cat doesn’t appear to like them either. :)

    You should try making your own instead of the processed kind! There are tons of recipes online, including my personal favorite, the caramel-chocolate variety… yum.

  2. Sandicita, you’re dead-on! David Lebovitz’s recipe for matzoh crunch is ridiculously good.

    Adam, I’ve had that boxed chocolate-covered matzoh and, you’re right, it doesn’t deliver. But before you write off matzoh as good-for-nothing-but-haroset, you have to make David’s crunch (or find someone else to make it for you). It’s basically toffee with matzoh standing in for the nuts. And it’s covered in chocolate.

  3. I didn’t grow up eating matzoh in any shape or form and I actually really like chocolate coated matzoh. I had dark chocolate and white chocolate coated.

  4. I had dark chocolate covered matzoh this Passover and I liked it a lot better than some other things on the table! Namely gefilte fish and matzoh farfel stuffing!

  5. The recipe from David Leibovitz is bang on delicious. I made it last year for my non-Jewish friends, and they just followed me around asking me to make more. I don’t even like chocolate very much (and I hate matzoh), but this is really a wonderful invention.

    Try it, you’ll like it!

    (love the cat, too!)

  6. Wow, I just wrote up my own fabulous experience with matzoh crunch. I found it under the name matzoh brickle, but made a few little changes to the recipe. It was delicious; I just wish I had made enough for leftovers.

  7. I would highly recommend taking a small piece and pairing it with a freshly-toasted marshmallow (preferrably fire-crisp around the outside). Pesach s’mores are awesome.

  8. Ever since Passover has been over, I’ve been craving chocolate covered matzo. Funny how that works out…I might make some myself.

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