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Anyone who watched the season premiere of “Top Chef” yesterday will have taken notice of Richard who charged out of the gate with his deep dish peach pizza and finished the episode in the top four. What you may not know is that one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had in my life was a meal that he cooked at his now-closed eponymous Atlanta Restaurant, Blais. The entire meal–a 31 course tasting menu–is documented in my archives here and reading about it again, I’m still blown away. The fact that he’s on a reality show and having his food evaluated by Rocco “Bertolli” Dispirito is a little disturbing, but perhaps this show will earn him the national recognition he deserves. I’m glad I got to eat his food before he really makes it big.

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  1. A transplant from Atlanta to Charleston I somehow missed this dining experience. I always thought I was a trouper and a good sport. Two qualities that would have been crushed as I couldn’t possibly eat that much food. I am beginning a year long sabbatical eating & cooking only Southern. My concern, how to go a year without pizza. You just solved my dilemna; deep dish peach pizza.

  2. He did link to the post Keiko! After watching Wednesday night I kept thinking “The Blais guy is really familiar.” After searching the archives I finally found the article of his restaurant. I finally put a name to the face of the chef who spotted you. Did he still have the fauxhawk? Perhaps I’ll see the chefs drink a foie gras milkshake!

  3. Was he not also the chef at Element? Has it closed? And remember, AG, while Rocco may shill fir frozen pastas (sad…sad) most chefs who know him will say (or have said) that he was (is) one of the most talented young chefs in the country, so he does know food.

  4. He was the chef at Element but it sadly has closed some time ago as well. I did have the pleasure of going there once. It was awesome.

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