An Arty Banner & An Atlanta Meet-Up

First things first, please clear the cache of your web browser and reload the page and behold the fun and fantastic new creation from my fun and fantastic design team Erin, Leah and Justin. I smile just thinking about.

Second, it’s been almost FOUR YEARS since I left the birthplace of this blog, Atlanta, GA (here’s the post about my farewell dinner at The Flying Biscuit) and, even though I lived there for SEVEN YEARS, I never went back. All of that changes tomorrow when Craig and I fly into Atlanta (his first time) for the weekend. I’d love to see you, my Atlanta base, and I’m working on a meet-up for Saturday in the afternoon, let’s say 3 o’clock. Any suggestions for where? And are my Atlanta readers interested in coming? Let me know and look for a follow-up tomorrow with a specific time and location. See you in the ATL!

12 thoughts on “An Arty Banner & An Atlanta Meet-Up”

  1. Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

    419 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.


    How about Dancing Goats Coffee in Decatur?

    I’d love to stop by and say hello. I’ve got a 5:00 commitment, but could certainly stop by for a short visit. Any chance for 2:00?

  2. Love the new banner! A big smile from me, too.

    I suppose suggesting the Varsity would be out of bounds, eh? ;)

  3. San Fransisco Coffee in Virginia Highlands Area? (On North Highland Ave) I’ve been reading you for years, would love to meet up.

  4. Darn! The one time you’re doing a meetup in Atlanta coincides with a weekend that has me out of town. I hope you and Craig have a great time with everyone. Six Feet Under( is an eclectic little local spot that would be fun. There are two locations: one in Grant Park near Oakland Cemetary and a newer one on the Westside of Midtown. You wouldn’t recognize that area–Bacchanalia has lots of new neighbors.

  5. I’d suggest Inman Perk Coffee on N. Highland in Inman Park. It’s a little more centrally located than Decatur and they have plenty of space (plus excellent coffee).

    I’ve been a fan of the site since your Atlanta days (we still talk about Cheesy Chicken) so I’m excited for this!

  6. a 3pm meet-up would be great! what about the newly reopened Inman Perk on N. Highland? great new space..

  7. A Big Fan of the AG

    Such wonderful news, Adam! I’d love to meet up with you and Craig.

    The recommendation above about Dancing Goats sounds wonderful – you’ll be amazed how much this area has grown in the last few years.

    I’ll bring my book for signing!

  8. The banners on this site are so wonderful that even though I read ever post (on an RSS feed) – when I see that there is a new banner…I click through to the website just to take a look! Go Design Team – GO!

  9. While I usually LOVE the web team’s work, this month’s banner just doesn’t do it for me… it doesn’t really say “March”.

    But I guess I’m the only one who thinks so…

  10. Yay! I would love to come meet up on Saturday! I love a bunch of the suggestions so far (my pick is Inman Perk!) but I’d go anywhere. :) I’m so excited!

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