The Big Reveal: Introducing The FN Dish

Today’s my birthday–I’m 29 today–and though I’m usually a birthday junkie, exhausting friends and relatives with desperate cries for attention, presents, phone calls, etc–my focus is not on my own birth today. Instead, it’s focused on the birth of something that’s been gestating for the past three months; a project so big, so exciting, it’s been almost impossible contain it. And now I finally–finally!–get to share it with you. Are you ready America? Are you ready Lithuania? Here we go… I proudly present to you: The FN Dish!

What’s The FN Dish? What’s going on? What are you talking about?

Settle down, reader! Allow me to explain it. The FN Dish is my very own show on Food Network’s website (hey look, my mug is on the main page!), a show that will allow me access to Food Network’s stars, kitchens, events, and giant cookbook collection. But even more than that, this is a platform for me to share my love and passion for food and cooking: with Food Network’s blessing, I’ll get to steer the show into the kitchens of my favorite chefs, authors, and people–celebrating all of the food-related ideas, recipes and stories that excite me, excite you and that make you check this blog every day.

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about this show. Maybe I should stop yammering on and let you watch the first episode–click here to do that.

Wasn’t that fun? And now that you’ve seen that, watch longer versions of my interviews with Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, The Neelys, and Rachael Ray. And then join me as I watch and comment on Ace of Cakes and The Barefoot Contessa. Finally–and best of all–you’ve got to watch these 23 Awkward Seconds with Rachael Ray. See, they sat her down and I introduced myself and then it got weirdly quiet. The discomfort, as you’ll soon see, is palpable. I love it.

Actually, that last clip captures best what I love about this whole thing: I get to be me–strange, uncomfortable, nervous, anxious, excitable me–I get to ask the questions I want to ask, I get to react naturally to whatever circumstances they put me in. And I feel that my loyal readers–and I count you among them–will be grateful that the “me” they’ve grown to love, won’t become a different “me” just because there’s a Food Network stamp on it.

It being “me.”

What was I saying? Oh yes, The FN Dish. Isn’t this exciting? As you can tell, I’m stoked. And you have no idea how much awesome stuff I’ve already done for future episodes: there’s a trip to Cleveland, a California wine tasting, an intern cook-off. It just gets better and better and this Thursday I leave for South Beach to cover the Wine and Food Festival.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally get to share this with you. Of course, once the excitement dies down I’ll be happy to answer questions about meeting the stars, where the show is headed, incorporating your ideas for what you’d like me to cover. But in the meantime, let’s wish a happy birthday to The FN Dish. It’s going to be a great year.

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  1. This is great Adam! Are you the first Food Blogger to get his own official FN show? I can’t wait to watch all the episodes! I’m really happy I stumbled upon this blog when I did!

  2. RA, I thought it too. We’re juvenile, us bloggers. “I’ma take that F’n dish and shove it sideways down ya troat, ya stinkin’ foodie!”

    Sounds fun though.

  3. I’ve been reading your website for ages! I’m so proud! I’ll be watching them. If you get on TV, and it doesn’t come to Canada I’ll be very upset! lol

  4. Wow, it’s your birthday and YOU GIVE US a present! Congratulations, thanks for all your hard work and enjoy the year before turning 30, you lucky brat!

  5. congratulations!!! It’s been so neat to follow this blog and your “path to stardom” :) goes to show that love and dedication to food can really take you places (take that, dad!! Haha). I love that no matter how popular you become, you’re still just that guy, in the kitchen, “stumbling upon” gourmet food.

  6. congratulations!!! It’s been so neat to follow this blog and your “path to stardom” :) goes to show that love and dedication to food can really take you places (take that, dad!! Haha). I love that no matter how popular you become, you’re still just that guy, in the kitchen, “stumbling upon” gourmet food.

  7. Awesome! It was very interesting and amusing to see how these ‘stars’ reacted to the everyman food blogger, haha. You were perfect! Really enjoyed it, and I’ll stay tuned for more!

  8. Awesome! It was very interesting and amusing to see how these ‘stars’ reacted to the ‘everyman’ food blogger, haha. You were perfect! Really enjoyed it, and I’ll stay tuned for more!

  9. Just great! It was very interesting and amusing to see how these ‘stars’ reacted to the ‘everyman’ food blogger, haha. You were perfect! Really enjoyed it, and I’ll stay tuned for more!

  10. Wow! Congratulations Adam! I’m going to watch the Alton interview first! (he’s my favorite!) I hope it’s all fun for you! (and us, getting to see what you come up with)

  11. Aw Adam Congratulations!! My daughter yelled out “INA!” when she heard you playing the BC theme song. Cute!

    I am so excited for you. It looks like it will be a great year!

  12. Happy Birthday! And congratulations. Man, what a 365 days it’s been for you, eh?

    I love the title of the show…I read it in my head as “The f***in’ dish”. :)

    Can’t wait to watch the clips and even more of you on FN. Way to go Adam! Talk about becoming the dream. :)

  13. Dude…AG! My god man, there is no stopping you! Happy birthday wishes and heartfelt congrats on the F’n Dish! I can’t wait to check it out – in fact, I’m off to do just that… Keep shining bright.

  14. that 23 seconds cracked me the &$*% up. you are so funny, the way you can laugh at yourself. too cool, adam.

    and congratulations!

    and happy birthday!

  15. Congrats Adam! That’s SO EXCITING! Your own show! I’m going to stop typing now before I clog your screen with exclamation marks…

  16. Great news, congrats on the kill, nice style, and the purrfect “job” (if ya call it that) for ya! Can’t you go more than just once/week though? ;-))) Oh yeah, and don’t interupt the answers you get during the interviews–let ’em finish first. ;-))))

  17. There’s some problem with the site. I can’t view any of the videos. Maybe too many trying to access it at once? Congrats, Adam!!!

  18. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!! That is going to give you so many awesome opportunities…getting to do all the things we all dream of (South Beach Food and Wine!) and call it work. Enjoy!

  19. Oh wow Adam what a wonderful birthday surprise!!!! Many, many congrats and birthday wishes. Can’t wait to see where this takes you!

  20. Told you I’d be tuning in Monday to hear the big news, and oh my gosh am I ENVIOUS (but in a good way.) Congratulations on your show, this news is FANTASTIC! I’m thrilled for you and so looking forward to your sense of humor shining through on YOUR OWN SHOW! Can you believe it? (Psst… If you ever need someone to stand in for you… give me a call. I’ll make sure I’m available.)

    Oh my, and I wish you a happy birthday to boot (like there’s any chance this birthday wouldn’t be a great one!) Let the celebrating begin!

  21. Adam-

    I hardly ever comment but this is so exciting for you! Congratulations and I’ll stay tuned…


  22. CONGRATS ADAM!! To think that when a small, breast shaped cupcake brought me to this site, that I’d be watching you on your way to TV stardom!!

    I can’t believe you interviewed Rachael with a straight face. You’ve gone soft ;)

    I waiting for the cage death match with Sandra Lee.

  23. I don’t have cable, don’t want it. Don’t watch television, really, but I’d love to watch you. Can I get it on my computer?

  24. Wow, Adam, that is so great! Congratulations! I think I found you via a Washington Post article in 2004, and I’m so glad I’ve stuck around.

  25. Loved your interview with AB, very smart looking argyle sweater by the way. You’re a natural in front of the camera.

  26. A Big Fan of the AG

    What a delicious birthday treat, for you and for all of us! It is wonderful to watch all of your hard work pay off so beautifully. BTW, LOVE YOUR SWEATER!

  27. A Big Fan of the AG

    What a delicious birthday gift! Congratulations and kudos to you – it’s really happening!!!

    P.S. Happy Birthday to Lauren!

  28. It’s so wonderful! I spent the episode grinning at my computer. You’re fantastic. I can’t wait to see more. Congrats and happy birthday!

  29. You did a great job– this is the perfect platform for you, and the Food Network public is going to love you! I can only imagine how fun and exciting this must be to film… what an adventure! ENJOY! :)

  30. Congrats! So cool. Will try to get one of my computers to play sound off the internet…don’t want to miss this. I hope you still plan on posting here as frequently as in the past. Also, where are you interns? Behind the scenes like most interns happen to be? It was just strange, because for awhile they were posting frequently…and now they have not been heard of for awhile. As long as you are still posting too, intern posts are cool. More food love.

  31. FANTASTIC! and congratulations! and happy birthday!

    The 23 seconds with Rachel Ray was quite possibly the highlight of my day, so either it was an amazingly awkward moment (and it was) or I had a boring day. Seriously though, we want the dirt (ok, I want the dirt …)

  32. Congratulations!!! I’m so pleased to someone so genuine and enthusiastic succeed. Pretty great. (Not as great as Madeline Albright, but what can you do?)

  33. Happy Birthday Adam!!!! After reading your blog yesterday, I went and checked FN site and there you were!! I almost choked on my pork rinds. How FANTASTIC!!! I read your blog for months before having the nerve to have my own site ( it saved my sanity). Good Luck Adam!!! Say hi to handsome Craig :)

  34. Wow! You’re a loser who knows nothing about food & now you get to talk to personality driven chefs on the “food” network. Congrats to you & all of your idiot readers.

  35. Cxongratulations! I can’t wait to start watching the interviews. I knew someday I would see you on FN. Now I hope you’ll get an actual show. Isn’t Emeril’s primetime spot opening up soon?

  36. Congrats! I remember reading the post when you went to Bar Americain and was surprised that Bobby Flay visited your table after your Mom mentioned something to the hostess. Now you are interviewing him! What a crazy few years this has been for you. All the best in the future.

  37. Congratulations are in order. I have to say I admire you Adam, not that much for getting your face on TV, but for getting this food blog thing up and rolling and turning it into a living. It’s pretty radical considering that just a few years ago you were well on your way to becoming a lawyer. It’s been very fascinating to follow the development of your blog and your evolution to a… professional gourmet?

    And yes, one comes to think of an effin’ dish…

  38. Happy birthday and congratulations…I guess. Great gig, but too bad you had to sell your soul to the Dark Side to get it.

  39. Congratulations Adam!!! I am so happy for you. And I am so jealous you got to interview Alton… if it were me, I would have been reduced to a tearful confession that upon occasion, I still make mac n cheese from a box even though I know better, and asked for forgiveness… :)

  40. Cant view the videos. I get a silent 10 sec HGTV commercial followed by a black screen. If I drag the thingy that moves when a video plays I see frozen action from the video but no video plays. Tried to toggle the play/pause but it had no effect. Was anyone actually able to watch the video?

  41. OMG you are so cute in this show!!! That Rachael looks like a diva, especially during those awkward 23 seconds. Congrats, and looking forward to more episodes! OH, and Happy Birthday! :)

  42. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! You’re my food blogging hero! Keep on rocking and good luck with the Food Network. Buh-bye Mario, hello Adam!

    all the best,


  43. Holy moly that is AWESOME! How amazing… you must be so thrilled. And only 29…

    Ms. Ray Ray looks so NOT personable.

    Can’t wait to watch. And I can say I read you when…

  44. Adam,

    Raife showed me your food network show, and I thought it was great! Congratulations; can’t wait to see more!

  45. Adam, you rock. Happy, happy birthday (mine was Sunday; we had dinner at Telepan, which was pretty fun), and super-huge congratulations. I’ll now start accessing the Food Network just for you!

    All the best, my dear. You deserve it.

  46. Great news, Adam, congrats! It is well suited to you and well deserved. Look forward to watching as well as reading along on your adventures. Happy birthday–it’s going to be quite a year!

  47. Adam–

    you’re just as charming and funny on video as you are with words. I see great things emerging from this venture! Congrats and can’t wait for you to prepare a prime rib…

  48. Happy Birthday, Adam. I’d like to congratulate you on the FN deal but the potential for tooldom is just too high. I guess I’ll see what happens when you present “Chef” Sandra Lee. I fear there can only be one of two outcomes. 1) You get fired. 2) You confirm you’re a tool. I can’t wait to see what happens.

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