Off To South Beach

What a chore this Food Network job is turning out to be… now I have to leave this 26 degree New York weather for the tropical beaches of Miami and a forecast of 83 degrees. Could life get any harder? Feel free to hate me. Full reports and videos on Monday! Until then, have a great rest of your week.

15 thoughts on “Off To South Beach”

  1. As ridiculous as I might sound, I thought for ONE second that you might be joining the South Beach Diet…hrmmm…’Amateur DIETER’ would be interesting…hehehe

  2. Please please PLEASE tell me you’re going to hit up the Golden Clog awards. I don’t think anyone else is going to broadcast them, and that’s just sad.

  3. WOW. I hope you enjoy every minute. What a fun opportunity! If you need a fellow food blogger to drag along to any of the events, I live in Miami and couldn’t get tickets to my desired venues. I am most disappointed about the Golden Clog Awards. It should be nice here this weekend, have a great time!

  4. Maybe you can change your banner from the valentine’s theme to the South Beach banana sling theme, hehe. Have fun and can’t wait to hear all the gossip you’ll return with!

  5. Ah, FN is simply too cruel to you. I can’t imagine how awful you must feel having to walk through 80-degree weather instead of trudging comfortably bundled through the streets.

  6. Yeah, please do a bit of reporting about the Golden Clog’s! I hope you were not delayed by snow in NY.

  7. Travel safe AG, and find yourself a tasty medianoche sandwich cubano when you arrive – you won’t regret it!

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