February’s Banner

Love is in the air! Clear your cache, load up the site and make out with February’s banner. Thanks again to Erin, Leah and Justin for your fantastic work.

7 thoughts on “February’s Banner”

  1. AG,

    I have loved your blog for months and I appreciate what you bring to all your fans. I check your blog almost daily.


    Is now the time to exploit the image of a mother of two very young children who has mental health problems? Why use the image of this unfortunate woman who has nothing to do with food? Show some sort of compassion!

  2. Funny how the previous commenter posted this comment on the day you removed your Brittney image.

    Ah well…

    I’m a fairly new reader, but kudos to you on a well-written and fun blog.

    Keep it up!

  3. Did you see that M&Ms is selling bags of green M&Ms for Valentine’s Day? Something about “May increase amorous feelings” or something. Pretty funny that they’d start doing that. They’ve got a very creative marketing team over there.

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