A New Camera!

Well what was I supposed to do? I was cameraless and therefore limbless in the world of blogging; what’s a food blogger without a camera? What’s an opera singer without a lung? I did what I had to do: I cashed in on a birthday gift from my parents (thanks mom and dad!) and headed to B&H, home of Hassidic Jews and hardware, where I took the advice of my dear friend James Felder (of Snapshot Artifact) and purchased the mighty and powerful Canon PowerShot G9.

It was a tough call–all of the cameras you guys recommended looked great too–but basically it came down to: a small camera that fits in your pocket that takes very good pictures or a big blocky camera that’ll be a nightmare to lug around but that takes fantastic pictures. Since great food blog photography is essential (see here and here) I chose the latter and I’m really glad I did. What follows are the first pictures I took with it at Joe on Waverly. I didn’t realize then as I realize now that the camera was set to shoot insanely large pictures that make giant files that take forever to upload on Flickr, but I just changed the settings and future pictures shouldn’t be a problem. So please enjoy these fresh coffee shop and outside-the-coffee shop pics from my new camera baby. Can anyone suggest a name?


(Can you spot my book in the next photo?)


Say hi to Amanda, master barista.


Now she’s blurry but cute, nonetheless.


And look at this cute dog:


Now we’re outside:


This one’s a pretty good one:


And this one’s my favorite. I met up with my psychic twin Lauren (same birthday, same hospital, same night) at the Apple store before heading to dinner. Doesn’t this picture look great?


Here’s to an awesome new camera and here’s hoping I don’t lose this one too! And thanks to the good folks at Eater for their concern. I hope the old one is in a happier place.

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  1. I have the Canon G9, too, having bought it to replace the SD800 that some people had recommended to you, and I love it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Good work with the blog, too, from a fan in Beijing!

  2. Please keep us updated on the success of your new camera. I may be in the market, too, for just the same purpose–food blogging. I’m interested to read how you like yours.

  3. I just put up a post about needing a new camera, and what people’s choice would be between an EOS Rebel XTi and the G9.

    Can’t wait to hear how you continue to like it…

  4. Okay, so how many megapix was your big blocky camera originally set at, and how many megapix did you turn it down to in order to avoid the huge files? AND how many megapix did the sexy little pocky-cam have? Ya get my drift? You may not have gained anything by buying the larger one. But there’s no denying, the fotos ARE terrific, and (owning 2 digicams) I love the feel in the hand of a bigger camera.

  5. Nice photos. :) The dog is very very cute!

    I am using a Fuji Finepix F31, it has served me very very well indeed. Enjoy your new camera!

  6. Sorry you lost your other camera but this one seems to be doing a good job! I know what you mean about feeling “limbless” – I didn’t lose my camera but I can’t find my charger and BOTH of my batteries are now dead. Sigh…

  7. Big camera vs Little camera – who cares? Those are great shots! Name your camera “Homer.” There is power in names/words. You don’t want this one to get lost. You want it to always find its way back to you, right? Homer.

  8. Big camera vs Little camera – who cares? Those are great shots! Name your camera “Homer.” There is power in names/words. You don’t want this one to get lost. You want it to always find its way back to you, right? Homer.

  9. A Big Fan of the AG

    Adam, you cannot go wrong with a PowerShot. We used ours throughout our bicycle tour of France and it was amazing on both closeup and panoramic shots.

    I’m in favor of a feminine name for your camera. I’m partial to Pixie (as in pixel or picture). She would fit right in with Lolita and Pancetta!

  10. I have the G9 as well. It is friggin’ awesome, except…. It’s not the best for taking photos of home cooked meals in a hurry. It can be a bit finicky in macro mode and the flash can be a bit overwhelming. It takes a little fiddling to get it to behave exactly as wanted, but its work-around-able (if that’s even a word). I hope you enjoy yours as much as I love mine. I should name mine too. Never thought of that, which is sad, because I even name my rental cars!

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