The Britney Banner

Even a food blog can’t avoid the Britney zeitgeist: to enjoy the Britney banner, clear your cache (for help on that, go to your browser help) and then re-load the site. Thanks to Erin The Illustrator, Leah The Designer and Justin The Web Guy for making it happen, y’all.


  1. as a new year’s smoke-quitter, i thought this blog was a safe space.

    but look at that gorgeous woman – and those ZESTY doritos… we may be in trouble. will you bum me one for fifty cents?

    damn, adam. look what happened.

  2. Oh, this is by far the best thing I’ve seen all week. WINGED POPSTAR BABIES FTW


  3. I didn’t know that you liked “Girls” such as Britney.

    Fortunately, my new boyfriend “Big Bear” (all 437 pounds of him without teeth) likes “girls” and treats me like a queen. Not too bad of a catch for a 50-year old italian immigrant who weighs 230 pounds and has a mustache.

  4. Ugh. What does this have to do with food?

    I’m disappointed.

    I agree with ali above: mental illness isn’t funny. At all. Neither is what’s happening to the kids.

    Stay on topic, please?

  5. What does Britney have to do with food? Well, she is single-handedly keeping Starbucks in business right now, that’s what.

    Hahaha! I enjoyed this, Adam. Thanks for a good laugh for the light-hearted among us.

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