The Britney Banner

Even a food blog can’t avoid the Britney zeitgeist: to enjoy the Britney banner, clear your cache (for help on that, go to your browser help) and then re-load the site. Thanks to Erin The Illustrator, Leah The Designer and Justin The Web Guy for making it happen, y’all.

23 thoughts on “The Britney Banner”

  1. as a new year’s smoke-quitter, i thought this blog was a safe space.

    but look at that gorgeous woman – and those ZESTY doritos… we may be in trouble. will you bum me one for fifty cents?

    damn, adam. look what happened.

  2. I didn’t know that you liked “Girls” such as Britney.

    Fortunately, my new boyfriend “Big Bear” (all 437 pounds of him without teeth) likes “girls” and treats me like a queen. Not too bad of a catch for a 50-year old italian immigrant who weighs 230 pounds and has a mustache.

  3. Ugh. What does this have to do with food?

    I’m disappointed.

    I agree with ali above: mental illness isn’t funny. At all. Neither is what’s happening to the kids.

    Stay on topic, please?

  4. What does Britney have to do with food? Well, she is single-handedly keeping Starbucks in business right now, that’s what.

    Hahaha! I enjoyed this, Adam. Thanks for a good laugh for the light-hearted among us.

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