The Best of 2007

I’m a day late for a post like this, but I’m still in Seattle, my laptop computer screen is fried and I’m using a total stranger’s computer. (My friend is housesitting and she said I could use the house’s computer. If you’re reading this and you’re on vacation and wondering if it’s YOUR computer I’m using, don’t worry: all the porn will be deleted and the virus I accidentally downloaded only destroyed half your hard drive.)

So, 2007. What an eventful year it was: my first book was published, Craig shot his first feature, we moved in together, Lolita got a new bed, and Britney’s little sister got pregnant. 2008 is looking pretty exciting so far, but before we dive into the New Year, here’s my very idiosynchratic list of the Best of 2007.

Best Bite of 2007

Usually a category like this is saved for last, but after skimming my archives from the past year it’s clear to me that the best bite I had this year was the bite you see Diana, Patty and I having in the picture above: the lobster rolls we devoured when we arrived at The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport this summer.


After almost six hours in the car we were starving, and the whole point of our trip was to gorge on lobster and lobster rolls and fried clams. I still remember that first bite of lobster roll vividly: it’s not that it was expertly done or super gourmet, it was just the most perfect thing to eat at that moment I could imagine. Plus the sky was about to explode with thunder and the light was mysterious and moody–we stood on the back porch of The Clam Shack and ate greedily, with a great sense of inner peace. Accordingly, it’s my best bite of 2007.

Best Restaurant Meal

Chez Panisse. Read the post (which may be my favorite post I wrote in 2007) and you’ll understand why this meal, far from perfect, was my favorite one by far.

Best Burger



Best Recipe Invention

My gross-sounding, but actually pretty tasty Asian Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Best Meal I Cooked

This meal I cooked for my designers on the launch of the new design. The roast pork (from Suzanne Goin’s cookbook, of course, which may be my most used cookbook this year) still brings tears to my designers’ eyes when I bring it up. (Happy tears, that is.)


Craig’s Favorite Thing I Cooked

Ssam Bar Brussels Sprouts.

Favorite Food Discoveries

Slow-Cooked Polenta; and, also starting with the letter P, Pho.

Favorite New Boroughs

Queens (for the Greek food); the Bronx for Arthur Ave.

Best Place I Should’ve Been To Already and Where I Should’ve Already Gone Back To

Di Fara.


Best Alternative Because It’s Closer and a Bit More Comfortable Inside


Worst Cooking Injury

My Burnt Foot.

Best Cooking Injury

Sandra Lee slipping on a banana peel. (If only!)

Best Song About Frozen Yogurt

Most Surreal Food Moment

Alice Waters on The View

Funniest Food-Related Story I Heard Recently

A friend of Craig’s who works in the Starbucks corporate office told me that a man left a message on the company machine threatening to sue Starbucks because he was swimming in the ocean at 5 in the morning and that he was bitten on the leg by…

…the Starbucks mermaid.


Favorite Movie of the Year


Favorite TV Show

30 Rock.

Favorite Book That I Read That Wasn’t Published This Year but that I Still Very Much Recommend

The Kid by Dan Savage.

Favorite Off-Broadway Show

Gone Missing.

Favorite Broadway Show


And that, my friends, is my Best of 2007 list. It’ll be a little while before I can post again–that is: until my computer gets fixed. So, until then, hope you’re having a happy and healthy start to 2008. Thanks for reading!

19 thoughts on “The Best of 2007”

  1. That fro yo song is definately the best song about frozen yogurt this year…probably the best in all the time of man! I even found myself singing it in the shower the other day!!!! It’s so catchy and hilarious.

  2. That fro yo song is definately the best song about frozen yogurt this year…probably the best in all the time of man! I even found myself singing it in the shower the other day!!!! It’s so catchy and hilarious.

  3. I laugh so hard that I cry every time I watch/listen to the Fro Yo song. My kids sing it all day long. I keep wanting to video them doing it – it’s great.

    Please give us a heads up before Food – the Musical is coming out. We need to get plane tickets from Florida!

  4. i would agree that fro yo tops the ’07 charts. my two year old requests it almost weekly. no joke. and we laugh every time we see it.

    bravo, adam, for another great year of food. i hope your computer gets fixed soon, and wish all the best to you in this new year! keep it coming!

  5. Thanks for contributing your excellent book to our shelves in 2007. I particularly liked your description of supper for one is Paris; dining alone is something that many of us are anxious about; and though dining with pleasant company is enjoyable, a solo meal at a restaurant can also be very rewarding.

  6. Hey Adam, come back already to New York and write some news we can use. The year is half way over!

    Your friend and secret


  7. Adam,

    Just got your book today (not that I needed another cook book). I got it not for the recipes but for the fun of having your wit around anytime I feel like indulging!

    Thanks for the great blog and the great book!

    Oh, and I would pay good money to see Sandra Lee slip on a banana peel!!

  8. Had to chime in here and wish you and Craig and Lolita a tremendous 2008 – I cannot even begin to imagine what this new year will bring – it is going to be wild! Keep on keepin’ on AG.



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