Congrats, Winners

First: a huge salute to Pim and everyone who participated in this year’s Menu for Hope. We raised a staggering $91,188.00 for the UN World Food Programme. Everyone deserves a big pat on the back; what a wonderful use of food blogs and the web.

As for who won my prizes, the winners both already contacted me but here are their names for all the world to cheer: congrats to Michael Ridder who won dinner for two at Blue Hill Stone Barns (UE01); and congrats to Jaspreet Chowdhary who won two copies of my book and a homemade Amateur Gourmet pastry. Whatever will I make her? A coffee cake shaped like my head?

Once again, thanks to all involved. I finally feel good about myself.

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  1. I may be thread-jacking here, but I just have to say, that new header image is killing me – nice job! It’s great to start off a Monday with a good laugh…

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