Off To Seattle

I’m off to the airport to spend two weeks in Seattle. Not sure if I’m going to update the site while I”m gone, so in case you don’t hear from me: Happy Holidays and here’s to a terrific new year!

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  1. I just arrived in seattle yesterday and I’ll be in here a couple of weeks too, I’ve heard that i have to go to salumi and to pike market, what else can you recomend?

    Thanks :D

  2. Matt’s In the Market (at Pike Place Market) is great too, if you can find a seat… website w/more info below:

    If you can’t get into Salumi’s (but take note, it is worth pretty much whatever it takes to make it happen) – you cna usually find their meats (and a TON of other incredible goodies) at DeLaurenti at the Pike Place Market:

    Or in Wallingford, at Bella Cosa:

    Cheers and Happy Holidays to All!

  3. Hi dearie!

    I’ve started a food forum for all floggers and foodies round the world. It just started today, and doesnt have any members yet.I have sent out emails to mose bloggers, though. I really hope you’ll join too! It’s a place we can discuss food, share recipes, troubleshoot recipes, post pix of stuff we’ve made etc. I aim to make it a chic environment filled with people who are extremely passionate about cooking and baking.

    thanks a lot! happy new year!

  4. I had an unexpected and unusually quiet weekend in NYC the week before Christmas and got a copy of your book. What fun. All cozy, sitting with a throw over my lap reading your book and laughing out loud. (Then I made chicken paprikash for friends from across the hall for dinner.) Congratulations and hooray for you. Sounds like 2008 might be another banner year for you. Happy New Year.

  5. I echo the suggestion of Matt’s in the Market, but also suggest Crow or Betty (both the latter two owned by the same people), which are both awesome too. And really, anything in the Pike Place Market. Lots of awesome bakeries!

  6. Not to be creepy. BUT. I SAW you at a bookstore by my house while you were in town and it made my day!! I didn’t come over to say hi because you looked super happy minding your own business, and I figured I could do the same. Anyway. Fun.

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