Is Lisa a Supertaster?

Many of you who’ve read my book have asked if Lisa, star of Chapter Three, is a Supertaster. You ask because Lisa abhors coffee and olives and her sensitivity to these foods makes her a likely candidate for Supertaster status. Since it was Lisa’s birthday recently, I contacted Doug Cress who administers The Supertaster Test and asked him to send me a sample. He kindly did (a few samples, actually) and I brought them with me to Lisa’s apartment after our dinner at Kefi (see below). The following video, then, finally sheds light on the mystery of Lisa’s tastebuds. To make it even more dramatic, I’d tasted a strip and barely tasted anything and Craig didn’t taste anything at all. And so, without further ado, here’s Lisa and the supertaster test:

8 thoughts on “Is Lisa a Supertaster?”

  1. I did not know they sell this kits. I took the taste test during Harold McGee’s Food Science class at the French culinary institute. I’m in the middle. I could take the strip and not spit it out immediately. The person next to me in class was a super taster.

    Thanks for the link on where to buy the strips, I want to try it on the hubby.

  2. Both myself and my husband were extremely surprised to not be able to keep that strip in our mouths for 10 seconds, more like 2. Lisa is right it tastes like a nasty medicine.

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