Thanks To My Florida Fans

A huge thanks to everyone who showed up to my Boca book signing on Sunday. It was a treat to see my whole family there, all our family friends, and–to my delight–a few Florida readers who came out just from the tiny post I did right before the event. It was great to meet you all!

4 thoughts on “Thanks To My Florida Fans”

  1. Congrats Adam!

    What was in the bowl on the table? I see a little hand reaching in…

    Hope your Thanksgiving feast is a huge success.

  2. Pageycooks–good question! Very observant. My mom had little chocolates made with The Amateur Gourmet logo on them. Some might say she went a little overboard; I’m not saying it, but some might say it.

    All the best,


  3. It was great to finally see you in person! I’ve followed your blog for years, through several moves, and ever since I moved to South Florida I’ve been waiting to hear of an appearance in the area. I hope it wasn’t too disruptive to bring Addison (your 9-month-old fan) but she seemed to have a great time and just LOVED your mom — who wouldn’t?!

    Congratulations on all your success. It’s been fun watching your evolution.

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