Live Thanksgiving Broadcast #2

[Note: After posting this, I figure you may want some explanation as to who everyone is: are you ready? First you’ll see my mom and dad, then you’ll see the Johnson family–that’s my brother’s girlfriend Tali’s family–her father, Craig, her sister Mia and poking around there my grandmother (my mom’s mom); in the next room you’ll see my Aunt Ellen who is my mom’s brother Mark’s wife, then Gila, Tali’s mom, then Matt, my cousin (Mark & Ellen’s son), Craig, my better half (who has the same full name as Tali’s dad!), then my grandfather and my uncle Mark who, if you paid attention, you’ll remember is my mom’s brother. Phew!]

{Note 2: In the video I say, “The turkey carving video I posted” but I didn’t post that: A.G. Intern Kathryn did that. Thanks Kathryn!]

13 thoughts on “Live Thanksgiving Broadcast #2”

  1. Oh my gosh, what a sweet video of your Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing it! Gave me that family feeling, as my Thanksgiving was solo this year. I had a wonderful meal at home and spoke on the phone to everyone, but it’s really the best when you can share with others.

    I did discover that at least 59% of Thanksgiving is about the joy of preparing the meal and it’s worth finding all of the strays you can just to be able to create a meal for people. (All of my stray invitees were previously committed! So I ate alone, but it was Great! I know it doesn’t sound possible but I truely enjoyed myself, and made a very special and beautiful meal, which I took photos of to send to my family so that the will believe me!)

    If I am in this situation next year, actually – Regardless – I am promising my self to bake some very over the top delicious things for one of the shelters. I was alone only technically, but it gave me an idea of how much food gives people a sense of being part of the human family and it is so easy to share that with others, as you’ve done here, Adam and family. Thank you!

  2. Adam, thanks so much for sharing your Thanksgiving dinner with us! Your family members are good sports, that’s for sure. BTW, I love that kitchen! If ever they get tired of it, just send it over here to Carmichael, California.

  3. Adam your Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. I really enjoyed assisting you with some of the dishes. The hard work certainly paid off. I think the chocolate truffles were the most fun to make. Can’t wait for next year:)

  4. DisposablesAreTacky

    Please tell me the meal wasn’t eaten on plastic plates and disposable cutlery?

    All that effort (and expense!) I would hate to think the meal would be ruined by plastic!

    Love the site nonetheless.

  5. Adam, It was good to see my brother, Craig carving the turkey…he always was pretty good with knives. Everything looked delicious.

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