Virtual Book Tour Wrap-Up

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the various bloggers who hosted me during the month of September for my Virtual Book Tour. Now that it’s officially over, I thought I’d do one big post with all the links in case you missed any. Thanks again to all of my hosts: it was a pleasure to spend time on your blogs. [Note: you may notice the dates jump around a bit, that’s because several bloggers had to reschedule.]

9/3 Serious Eats [Q&A with Ed Levine]

9/4 [Q&A with Michael Ruhlman]

9/5 Gluten-Free Girl [“Remaining An Amateur”]

9/7 The Girl Who Ate Everything [“Eating Soybean Porridge with The Amateur Gourmet”]

9/10 [Launches & Releases]

9/11 Cork & Knife [Q&A with Chip Griffin]

9/11 Largehearted Boy [Book Notes Essay]

9/12 MattBites [Q&A with Matt]

9/13 Gastronomie [Live Chat with Fatemeh]

9/14 Lenndevours [Q&A with Lenn Thompson]

9/17 Acme Instant Food [Video Book Tour with Kevin]

9/18 David Lebovitz [David interviews my mom]

9/19 A Finger in Every Pie [“On Arthur Avenue with The Amateur Gourmet”]

9/24 Orangette [“Start with Tomato Sauce”]

9/25 Dirty Sugar Cookies [Q&A with Ayun Halliday]

9/27 Midtown Lunch [Profile & Giveaway]

10/1 Not Martha [Book Review]

10/1 Chez Pim [“Buy Adam’s Book!”]

4 thoughts on “Virtual Book Tour Wrap-Up”

  1. While our blog doesn’t have as much star power as those above, both Anne (your neighborhood barista) and I read your book and had some nice things to say about it.

  2. What a support system you have!! I just ate-up every word of your book :) Hope that you will write many, many more!

  3. This is late comment… hope you see it. Adam, I love YOUR blog, but this virtual tour thing was genius in large part because I was introduced to some fabulous other food blogs I now frequent!! Thanks, great idea.

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