Have you ever…

…spent two hours on a post and then, just before clicking post, accidentally closed the window and lost everything? Well I just did! I need to go for a walk.

16 thoughts on “Have you ever…”

  1. From experience it’s always faster the scond time if that’s any consolation. Now I write it in my mail application since it autosaves drafts.

  2. that sucks. my heart goes out to you.

    you might want to try composing your entries in GoogleDocs. it automatically saves as you go, and it’s always available online, even when you’re not at your own computer.

  3. Sadly, yes, I am familiar with the situation… Why I tend to write things down on paper first and then transcribe.

    Take a walk, have a nice cup of coffee and a pastry and everything will be OK.

  4. Yes! I feel for you…And believe me, I understand if you don’t even want to attempt that same post again. It just isn’t as motivating the second time around!

  5. Way back in the day, I was programming an adventure game on my Apple //e (I told you i was old school) – I had been working on this game for many hours, pouring my heart into elaborate descriptions, tweaking the code and honing it to a razors edge, and then…and then…i typed one command a little too quickly and lost everything. Yeah, you know how it goes. It was a tough lesson which I have learned many times over since… Anyway, keep your head up sir and carry on! And don’t hesitate to pour yourself a big ole glass of tasty wine and contemplate the ultimately transient and fleeting nature of all things in the Universe. Cheers!

  6. Could it have been fate intervening? I once started writing an incredibly long email to a guy I lost touch with (and for good reason) and when I went to close something else I accidentally closed the email! good riddance.

  7. aacckkkkkkk! feeling your pain – the rewrite is never as good or detailed- some #$*()W&% words on your behalf.

  8. Quite right Melissa! I have to say though, Adam, bet you won’t do it again will you!? I think that’s what people refer to as, ‘learning the hard way’. Of course, I’m sympathetic….

  9. I write a blog for my local newspaper and they have a crappy crappy program …in fact I would not even call it a program. You have to type in the HTML codes for EVERYTHING! Anyway after a few(ok,so I am a slow learner)times of writing what I was POSITIVE my wittiest blog EVER and then losing it (you can never replicate that first off the cuff wit) I started doing my first draft in an email to myself.

  10. That is the worst feeling Adam! I’ve done it so many times, lost connection etc. Now I’ve gotten myself in the habit of saving it a couple of times before I post.

    That stinks…..sorry!


  11. Oooh hoho do I? Yup. Just after composing the most perfect paragraph ever written in the English language. A paragraph the ‘o so eloquently wrapped up, tied together and concluded my masters thesis no less. Poof. Gone. The academic world mourns to this day.

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