Farewell Diana, Hello New Banner

A full year has passed since Diana and I moved into our apartment here in Park Slope. It’s been a fantastic year–with brunches, bargains, pork shoulders, trips to Maine, near-death experiences, and food in threes; there were discussions about ethical eating, pound cakes that threw up, and the best cookies of our lives–but life marches on. Yesterday, Diana moved to a new apartment (not too far, still in Park Slope, so she’ll be back!) and Craig officially moved in. It’s an exciting time, sure to bring lots of stories and anecdotes and recipes. But this post is dedicated to Diana: a fantastic roommate and an even more fantastic sport when it came to enduring all of my cooking experiments. She was a great audience and an even better judge and I hope that now that she’s moved out she’ll finally pick up where she left off before she lived with me and journey back into the kitchen. So farewell, Diana. We’ll miss you! [Note: for her farewell dinner, I made a roast chicken that’s both hers and Craig’s favorite…. it’s from the Chez Panisse cookbook, it’s the best.]

If the news of Diana’s departure upsets you more than you expected, take heart: as promised, there’s a new banner to enjoy. (Remember? As part of my new site design, there’ll be a new banner and a new color scheme each month.) If you can’t see it, trying emptying your cache and reloading. If that still doesn’t work, load it up temporarily in another browser. Thanks to Leah, Ben and my new illustrator Erin for doing great work on short notice. I love it.

13 thoughts on “Farewell Diana, Hello New Banner”

  1. Hi!

    I saw you on Sunday at David’s book sign event but you were busy talking, I was too shy to interrupt and say “hi I love reading you”:-). Bon appetit !

  2. Diana will be missed. She seems to be such a nice and supportive friend to you. But congrats on taking this giant step in your relationship with Craig! Best of luck with everything.

  3. Diana will be missed. She seems to be such a nice and supportive friend to you. But congrats on taking this giant step in your relationship with Craig! Best of luck with everything.

  4. Oh, the pies! I love it! I like the idea of a new banner – are you coming up with the design ideas for it, or do you have a designer lurking in the background? In any case, it looks fabulous!

  5. It’s interesting, during your conversation about the ethics of food, Craig comes in with a big pot of rice and asks if you want to keep it, and you say no. I hope he didn’t throw away all that rice. The issue of waste is just as important as the issue of animal cruelty when you talk about the ethics of food. And you could have made rice pudding!

    P.S. Thanks for getting rid of the dead bird in the banner.

  6. Oh Diana, we hardly knew thee… wait, wait — you’ll be back right? Gracing the glowing screen pages of the Amateur Gourmet from time to time, right? Right? Please do, we’re all going to miss you.

    Until then, we’ll make the pie higher…

  7. Good luck in your new apartment, Diana! I hope it’s rent controlled. ;-)

    Adam, will you be archiving the old banners for us to look back on?

  8. You chucked Diana out? It’s been a whole year?

    Good luck Adam with the next chapter, and Diana too, I hope she still pops round for CP chicken from time to time!

  9. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but I noticed in the picture of Diana and Craig – your ex roommate is smiling, and your new roommate is frowning! Haha, is that a sign of how they feel about living with Adam?? Hehe.

    New banner eh? So far I liked the blue color better, but interesting concept!

  10. ugh, was hoping for the roasted chicken recipe… (selfish me)

    sorry your buddy is departing hopefully she will stay in touch.

  11. eggplantempress

    Emptying your cache and re-loading? Please help us-technically challenged folk. I miss the banners ;(

  12. I found your blog several years ago when you won a blogging award. Every time I find your blog I am interested in the food reviews and personal interactions you describe.

    Of late, I have been so busy that I have not had the chance to catch up for awhile. I definitely feel as though I missed something….

    Regina Thomas

    Lover of good food– and those that write about it.

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