AGTV: Shop Like A Parisian

This week’s episode of AGTV finds us at the Union Square Greenmarket where a very special guest teaches us how to shop like a Parisian. Actually, the episode sort of loses it’s thread but you’ll have fun spending time with us as we jaunt around the market. Thanks to our guest, our cameraman (who makes a surprise cameo), and our baby, adorable as always. Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “AGTV: Shop Like A Parisian”

  1. Oh I’m so jealous! I attended a summer course at NYU this year and stayed in Palladium dorm which is less than a block from Union Square. I loved strolling through their on Saturday mornings. Of course, now that I’m back home, two of my favorite food bloggers show up. How sad for me.

  2. When I moved back to the States from France, my fiancé laughed at me one day at the market because I was afraid to touch a peach.

    I replied, “Well, in France, you do NOT touch the food!”

    So yeah, I got a few chuckles out of this. Also, French women carry these little baskets on their arm, moreso than bags. Those baskets? Those are great for pushing people out of the way.

  3. You guys are both hilarious. I think my favorite part was when David Lebovitz shook a fan’s hand with a gourd literally in his hand…haha, wow. Was that staged?

  4. I’m sorry to say I’ve been a “lurker” here for quite some time without commenting, but this new AGTV feature is just so fantastic I had to say something! Can’t wait for next week’s episode! :)

  5. Dear Adam,

    I added your other blog to my favorites list, but you haven’t updated in, like, months. What up, yo?

  6. osage oranges! the most useless balls of fun ever. we used to throw them at each other; it’s more fun that way as opposed to rolling, cuz they split wide open and it’s great. also fun with baseball bats.

  7. Oh my God. What a great movie. My favorite part was the spanking of the vegetable. Or maybe when the cameraman gave an impromptu orange lecture.

  8. two of my favorite food bloggers together on video in one of the best food-related settings ever…loved this! thank you for the laughs!!

  9. This episode was okay. To me, it was too much walking and not much show and tell.

    ps: David Lebovitz is one of my favorite blogger.

  10. David’s right, but didn’t mention that you also get better deals when they flirt with you (I don’t know if that happens in NYC). They may not have samples out, but if you ask, they’ll often give you a taste. (Well, they did for me, but maybe that was flirting again.) They’ll also toss raw meat to your dog–I doubt you’d see that in the states!

    He’s totally right about the budging and rudeness–if you don’t do it, you never get in. And they expect it, so they’re not offended. You have to be pushy or you’ll be there all day.

    Hedge apples make great spider repellents. Put them on a piece of foil in the corner (we put in the window wells in our basement). Don’t let the dog eat them. But they seemed to work pretty well!

  11. Hilarious! I love the image of David whacking aside shoppers with his bag to get to the good stuff at the front of the line.

  12. I swore I heard the baby say shop like an Asian, both times. However, I think the tips David gave still apply to chinatown. After going to several with my grandparents i can see how your bag would be your weapon and lines are more like suggestions sometimes. Anyway, hilarious as usual.

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