A Killer Breakfast

There is no greater triumph for a home cook than to make something spectacular out of food you already have on hand. Case in point: the dish you see above, Chorizo scrambled eggs and fried fingerling potatoes–assembled, with no premeditation, in a matter of minutes.

How did I do it? Easy. I took Chorizo that I had leftover from the Arroz Con Pollo I cooked last week and, after peeling off the skin, cut it into cubes. I heated some olive oil, added the cubes, fried them up a bit–poured off some excess fat–and then added 3 eggs slightly beaten. I immediately lowered the heat to barely a whisper of a flame and stirred around until the eggs were hardly cooked. Salt, pepper, all done!

As for the potatoes, I took the fingerlings and cut them vertically. Then I coated a skillet with olive oil, turned on high heat, waited a few minutes and carefully placed the poatoes in face down. I left them like that for a long while–10 minutes–and after lifting one to make sure it was a dark beautiful brown, I started tossing them all around and continuing to cook until a knife went through easily. At that point I added lots of salt and pepper and tilted on to a plate.

Not the healthiest breakfast in the world, but one that’ll put a big smile on your face. And if you’re smiling at breakfast, imagine what you’ll be doing at dinner. No wonder it’s the most important meal of the day.

7 thoughts on “A Killer Breakfast”

  1. Rice! There has to be garlic fried rice in there and it’d be a perfect killer breakfast.


    The Philippines :)

  2. Hey, I think that’s plenty healthy, and plenty delicious, for that matter. Ah, to have time in the mornings..

  3. Is that the Spanish (rather than the Mexican) chorizo? That stuff has the best flavor and so much easier to work with than the Mexican variety (which to be fair, does have it’s place).


  4. try migas a mexican, or rather a texmex dish thats delicious at breakfast and fast. ingrediants are corn tortillas, eggs onions, tomatos, spiced up with, umm cant give you all of it, it is an old family recipie, and eggs its simple and fast delicious my man loves em ever since i first made em, hes puerto rican i’m texan for more send email to me

  5. I make a sweet potato and chorizo hash with poached eggs some times and boy is it good. I use the Mexican variety of the chorizo and make sure to add tons of garlic and green onions to the hash in addition to some chilies if I have them around. Lay the poached eggs on top of the hash, dollop with sour cream, sprinkle with some chili powder and squirt with some jalapeno sauce and you are golden!

    Love the blog, by the way!

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