The Rabbi’s Nightmare

That’s Cheddar Bacon Cream Cheese at A.R.E.A. in Park Slope.

9 thoughts on “The Rabbi’s Nightmare”

  1. hee. There are actual Talmudic discussions that try to determine a combination of foods that could be considered the most non-kosher.

  2. Haha I thought that was gelato too at first. While cheddar just exploits the non-kosherness, it would have been just as much of a Rabbi’s nightmare if it was plain bacon cream cheese.

  3. Vosges Chocolate has a Bacon Chocolate bar – another nightmare for the Rabbis – but delicious for the rest of us. I urge any bacon lover to try it.

  4. Well, is it good? How about the vegetable or the herb flavors surrounding it? I had tuna ice cream once (the fish kind, not the Mexican fruit kind) and it was fairly vile. Last night, I had blue cheese pecan at Scoops in L.A. which I thought had possibilities, but the executiion was a bit off.

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