My Alice Waters Moment

After watching that Alice Waters video last week and reading the accompanying article, I was determined to recreate the meal she made for NYT author Kim Severson. I’m not sure I recreated it exactly–I added too much oil to my aioli so it broke a bit; and I used purple carrots just because they were fun. But this was a simple, delightful, and mostly healthy dinner. Although, come to think of it, I did fry the potatoes in oil: but c’mon, who prefers boiled potatoes to fried potatoes? And don’t carrots and radishes cancel out fried potatoes? If you do the math, this did more good for me than bad.

11 thoughts on “My Alice Waters Moment”

  1. I commend you for trying to make aioli from scratch. I’ve tried several times and met with nothing but heartache. Perhaps one day I will try again. I actually really like the idea of the friend potatoes with the aioli. That crunch coated with the rich aioli sounds like it would be wonderful.

  2. Adam! I finally bought your book today! (Actually, “pounced on your book” is probably more accurate. I’ve been asking about it at B&N every day this week; since it’s a college bookstore, we get new publications late, and someone there told me it would arrive this past Monday. They lied.) In any case, I’m super excited to read it (I actually sat down and read the introduction there in the store). So when I fail out of college because I didn’t write my paper because I was reading your book, I’m coming to live on your couch, okay? =)

  3. Good on you.

    As for potato preferences, when I’ve boiled potatoes ahead of time for something I plan to make, more often than not I’ll find a bite taken out of one of them at some point in the process. The culprit: my husband, whose Irish genes, apparently, just can’t allow him to pass up a bland, bland boiled potato. As for me, I prefer the hot oil treatment.

  4. Not so relevant to this post, but, I saw your book on the shelf of a Border’s Books in the International terminal at Logan Airport in Boston. Anyone walking into the store would have to look right at your book, great placement.

    Best of luck!

  5. Last week, I scored an (informal, very short) interview with Saint Alice herself. She was speaking at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, and I sat in on the speech, too. Very inspirational.

    Vive la Chez Panisse!

  6. Adam!

    A couple of things:

    1. I met Alice Waters yesterday! She is amazing and I wrote a post about it on my blog.

    2. In response to Scott’s comment above, and if you recall my Proud Fan post, you’ll be happy to know that I visited the very same Borders the other day and they moved your book to an even better more prominent location! Go you!

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