If all of the scientists in the world got together with all of the chefs and brought a giant pile of corn to a mystical temple of food and drink, with muses and angels dancing around them, they could not produce a more rapturous dish than the dish you see above: Jasper White’s Corn Chowder (click those words for the recipe). It has bacon, it has butter, it has cream. It has tumeric, which turns it that gorgeous golden color. A pount of Yukon Gold potatoes makes it hardy, but it’s the corn (fresh from the farmer’s market) that shines in this dish. I served it with a simple tomato salad–bright red tomatoes, red onion, basil–and then a peach plum cobbler for dessert. Summer doesn’t get better than this–make it while you can!

5 thoughts on “Corngasm”

  1. Hmmm, for some reason, Im not feeling this soup. Perhaps I need to try it. Its really rare that I read something on a food blog that I don’t want to immediately make! Its kind of novel and exciting.


    Hand to Mouth

  2. I think we have the same food brain sometimes. I made a corn chowder on Monday. I have my own recipe I kind of put together myself, but I will definitely have to try Jasper’s. It looks very similar to mine in the picture. Yeah for corn chowder!!!!

  3. I made this tonight. It was great.

    I am typically turned off by self-indulgent recipe authors who, rather than tell me to “shuck the corn,” tell me to “carefully use a precious and soft towel to tenderly wipe into the anon those tendril-like threads which ever so gracefully adorn thine corn,” but I ignored all the schmuckery and made a spectacular dish.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Mmmm…Summery and Crispy-Autumny all at once. I made this (minus the tumeric because I didn’t have any, but the tastebuds in my mind imagine that it is EXACTLY what’ll take this chowder into the stratosphere) with corn from my local “Honesty Stand”. An old table down the road aways on Rt. 28 in upstate NY piled high with corn each day accompanied by nothing but a little box full of enough cash to make change with if all you have is a five. Sweetsweetsweet and worth the butt-wrenchg bike ride to get there.

    Next time: tumeric.

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