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Here’s some early buzz for the book which comes out in just FIVE DAYS:

– Lindsay Nair at The Roanoke Times food blog Fridge Magnet calls the book “humorous” and “well-written” and then, inspired by my first chapter, attempts tomato sauce for her first time.

– Dorothy Hernandez at The Detroit News food blog Matters of Taste writes: “I just finished reading the book, and it’s a fun, fast read of an amateur foodie’s discovery of food and himself.”

– The Boston Herald’s food blog cheers: “You’ll love Adam D. Roberts, the author of ‘The Amateur Gourmet’ (Bantam Books, $25), which is published next week.” Thanks Boston Herald. I love you too!

– A few weeks ago I went to speak at Susan Shapiro’s journalism class at The New School and one of her students, Jackie, who read the galley, wrote this on her blog: “Throughout the pages of the book, I starred things, folded down page corners, underlined intensely, and jotted notes in the margin such as ‘Oh my god! Yes! Exactly!'” Thanks Jackie. I did the same with your blog!

Finally, it seems that Random House is featuring my book on its main page as an editor’s pick but those books rotate in and out, so check back and see if you see it there.

And that’s it for now! There’s exciting stuff coming up–book coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio (in Philadelphia! but more on that later)–so stay tuned…

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  1. I am truly psyched for you, Adam! Please do keep us posted about the Philly radio coverage. Any plans for a book signing/meetup here as well?

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