A New Design Is Coming

What’s that whisper in the wind? Voices are calling, they’re singing out: “A new day is here…a new dawn for The Amateur Gourmet.” What will this new day entail? What’s going to happen to the site? When’s it going to happen? Will it be today? Tomorrow? It may not be until the middle of next week. But when it happens your whole world will flip on its head. Be excited. VERY excited.

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  1. I’m officially weirded out because as your page was opening, I thought to myself, “wonder when Adam’s going to update his page design?”. I’ve been reading your blog for a LONG time and I remember that awhile back you mentioned a redesign. Looking forward to it. Love your blog!



  2. Looking forward to seeing it! As a vegetarian, though, I’m hoping it won’t include a pic of you stabbing a duck with a fork! That kind of grosses me out every time I see it! Love your blog, though!

  3. Oh, super super.

    I can hardly wait to see your new design. Your website is so exciting.

    And coming from a PROFESSIONAL CHEF like myself (I went to Krump’s cooking school in NYC), that should mean a lot. You can contact me at chiffonade@yahoo.com. Better yet, visit me and you can see my GREAT recipes and view my SEXY tattoos and body piercings.

  4. Wow! Chiffonade sure is excited!

    Nothing goes together like recipes and sexy tattoos. I’m going to have to check that out!


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    Making Stock of the Situation

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  5. Hey everyone – the post dated August 3, a rather excited ranting, is not by me. I am actually “the real chiffonade” as spelled out in my myspace url. The individual who posted the nonsense on August 3 is a deranged person who has a lot of time on his hands and enjoys impersonating me all over the web. In any case, I am actually an accomplished cook who loves to discuss anything culinary. I guess if anything good has come of his stalking me, I am introduced to new websites such as this one! Happy cooking, all.

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