We Go Together Like Beets And Carrots

Let’s play the Kevin Bacon game with beets and carrots.

Beets are in Borscht; Borscht comes from Russia; Russia was part of the original U.S.S.R.; “Back in the U.S.S.R.” is a song by The Beatles; The Beatles have a song called “Glass Onion”; onions are part of what the French call Mirepoix; carrots are in Mirepoix too.

Therefore: beets and carrots are separated by six degrees. You can bring them together with the logic above or use this Epicurious recipe from Suzanne Goin for Roasted Beets and Carrots with Cumin Vinagrette, Chickpea Puree, and Flatbread. (Diana and I skipped the chickpea puree and flatbread and instead bought sourdough and cheese from the farmer’s market where we also bought the carrots.) It’s a bright colorful preparation and a fun unexpected pairing. Like linking Kevin Bacon and Shirley MacLaine…

(Kevin Bacon was in “A Few Good Men” with Jack Nicholson who was in “Terms of Endearment” with Shirley MacLaine. Guess that wasn’t so hard to link.)

(Note: the above photo was edited by James Felder of Snapshot Artifact. Thanks James!)

9 thoughts on “We Go Together Like Beets And Carrots”

  1. So… Kevin Bacon was in a Few Good Men but I have to confess that when I saw him with his shirt off in Apollo 13, I wished he was in me.

  2. Sorry to ruin your theory, but in my opinion, carrots should be quite usual components of borsch.

    And for me, the combination is ordinary too. Funny how people differ from each other!:)

    But your theory would get a medal if I were to judge!

  3. Sam, I suppose that Fred is okay with that. It is said that he has a thing for Shirley MacLaine…

  4. You crack me up, man.

    And it would be fun to see Kevin Bacon linked to beets in six degrees… Might not be that hard with the ‘bacon’, right?

  5. I’ll try.

    1. Beets are an aphrodisiac, as is chocolate.

    2. Chocolate was prominently featured in the 2000 film Chocolat (2000).

    3. The actress Lena Olin was in Chocolat.

    4. Lena Olin was in the 2005 film The United States of Leland with Kevin Spacey.

    5. Kevin Spacey was in the 2003 film Mystic River with Kevin Bacon.

    It likely could be done in fewer.

  6. It was before I met fred that I saw that movie. I wouldn’t want it now of course. And how come even though I didn’t leave my URL on the comment it put it in anyway. That was meant to kind of be an anonymous joke (I thought only Adam would see my email address) and now I am mortified.

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