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Today I had sushi for lunch and it was the best possible thing I could imagine eating on such a hot day. What’s your favorite meal to have when it’s hot out? (Note: ice cream doesn’t count.)

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  1. My summer standard, but it makes me happy to eat it, tomatoes still warm from the garden with basil and fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil…mmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Lentil salad, mmmmm.

    Ooh, and, shockingly, Chili is just brilliant on a hot day. Maybe it’s because your insides are warmer than the outside, so it actually cools you off. Who knows?

  3. I love fall foods, the kind that have been stewing all day, so light summery stuff isn’t really my thing. BUT I always love a glass of cold, cold iced tea, as sweet as possible.

  4. We made sushi for dinner last night, and after I’d rolled up the rolls I had some leftover cream cheese and cucumber sticks. And I munched on them, and thought… this would be the best sandwich for the summer in Texas…. :)

    So yeah, cucumber tea sandwiches, apparently!

  5. Anything vaguely Mediteranian or involving feta cheese basically.

    My faves though are feta and watermelon, and Greek pasta salad (rainbow fusili, red, yello & orange bell peppers, red onion, kalamata olives, Greek seasoning, oil & balsamic dressing, and FETA!!)

  6. I eat what I want really. We just installed AC in the condo so it’s nice indoors. However, I’m noticing that I’m eating a lot more salads that normal. Angelo Pietro’s Miso dressing is the bomb!

  7. I LOVE making myself a bowl of fresh summer berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries…mmmm, delicious!

  8. Crab cocktail, and anything grilled but especially corn on the cob with some jalepeno cilantro butter.

  9. Okay, smooph’s grilled corn with jalepeno cilantro butter just made me so hungry! I love any salads on super hot days, but my favorite is a grilled corn, black bean salsa salad. Very nice with an ice cold beer!

  10. chicken quesadillas and a pale ale and I am in heaven.

    I have a hard time with sushi and hot weather – something about raw fish and a hot sun … now sushi late at night is awesome


    Adam, as soon as you left Seattle the temperatures soared to the 90s! Last night I got together with Amy and “the girls” to make rootbeer floats. While we enjoyed our frosty treats, Kristin ate the most heat-inappropriate dinner ever – meatballs, scalloped potatoes and beans. Tell her it was wrong.

  12. As I have told you endless times, I have a PhD from a well-known on-line “university,” which clearly makes my opinions superior to yours … but I digress … again.

    Last week my granddaughter (“Little Miss Petit Jean Ham 2006”) was over on one of her monthly supervised visits and we made grilled cheese sandwiches which always remind me of summer. But then again, I am a doctor and you are not.

  13. My favorite thing to eat when it is hot is neangmyun. It is a Korean dish of cold buckwheat noodles in a tangy broth with cucumbers, cold beef slices and Asian pears.

  14. Gosh – thought I’d be unique with gazpacho! Feta, watermelon and red onion salad is also good.

  15. Thai hot and sour soup, salted watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers, summer rolls, frozen grapes…

  16. Meaty heirloom tomatoes sliced and then sprinkled with sea salt, balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese curls.

    Also, somen salad, which is a Japanese noodle made into a cold salad with sesame oil, soy sauce, a touch of rice vinegar and julienne strips of cucumber and carrots and maybe meat like roasted pork.

  17. A salad I make based loosely on a Nicoise with Orzo, artichoke hearts, Valbresso Feta, olives, haricot vert, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes from the garden, and Ortiz tuna in oil found in a jar at Whole Foods.

    My other standby is Butter beans, red onion, tuna belly (ortiz), olive oil, avocado, lemon juice and some fresh herbs sprinkled in Valbresso feta.

  18. Chicken lettuce and tomatoes or salsa, chips, limeade and a bowl full of ice cold cherries

  19. it’s already been mentioned, but this week it’s about the tomatoes for me, especially heirloom, and especially simply prepared!

    being korean i also love naengmyun–just had some at my aunt’s the other day! cold soba noodle salads are also so, so delicious.

    i also find myself making all kinds of salads. last night i made one with avocado, farm-fresh sweet corn, crabmeat, olive oil, and a squeeze of lime. tossed with some chopped scallion and salt and pepper, it was delicious for a warm evening.

  20. I live in Phoenix, AZ, so “hot out” doesn’t even begin to describe it – it was 117 degrees on the 4th of July this year! That said, one of my favorite summer lunches is cold roast beef slices (or, even better, leftover filet, sliced thin!), strawberries, and lemonade – with a big ol’ brownie to finish it off. It’s one of my favorite decadent but still refreshing summer meals when it’s freakishly hot outside.

  21. I have really cold noodles with poached salmon, veggies, fish sauce, soy sauce, fresh herbs etc. Not that we’re in any danger of getting too hot over in the UK (just coming out of the wettest June since records began!)

    Oh and a really hot cup of tea of course, as is the English way in hot weather!

  22. I agree with Sophie about hot tea all year round.

    When the weather is really hot I like things like spinach poriyal and other fiery-spiced foods from southern Indian cuisine

  23. Boy, Edie sure likes the BLTs! But then, so do I. And Caprese salads with crusty French bread and roasted garlic to sop up the good olive oil and tomato juice.

    I’m even going to venture into making my own mozzarella this year as the cost of the stuff from the deli was getting prohibitive last year. But only because I wanted to eat it every day.

    My family eats A LOT of anything with tomatoes in summer. We have 12 tomato plants and only three family members, so, we HAVE to eat a lot of them!

  24. Really cold beer and fish tacos (preferably sunfish right out of the lake!) And yes, it does get hot in Minnesota…

  25. fresh sparkling limeade and thai takeout. the past few days in new york have been so brutal it feels a bit like bangkok.

    now that it’s a bit nicer and cooler out i’d have to go for cucumber salad (cukes, red wine vinegar, onion, dill) and cold chicken! maybe a nice glass of sancerre

  26. cold spinach noodles with sesame sauce…most Chinese restaurants make it with too much peanut butter though…mint iced tea goes great with it

  27. 1. Grillen chicken with boston lettuce in a fresh pita with curry/mango chutney/mayo dressing.

    2. Turkey sandwich with tomatoes fresh from the garden with a tiny itty bitty bit (dip a knife and spread) of italian dressing and basil if you have some.

    3. Something messy like grilled fish burritos with grilled peppers and onion and guacamole and sour cream and salsa all dripping out.

    I like the hot/cold combos in the summer.

  28. It’s all about the tomatoes for me: tomato-mozzarella salad (with cherry tomatoes and little balls of the best mozz I can find at the cheese shop), tomato-cucumber-blue cheese salad (everything in big wedges), and tomato sandwiches on white bread with mayo.

  29. Hiyashi chuka: egg noodles topped with julienne cucumber, stripes of egg omelette, and kani, served with a cold dressing of soy sauce and sesame seed oil.

    In Japan, this dish is only sold during summer, which kinda made me eat it almost everyday cause I knew I was going to miss it of a whole year.

  30. Italian-style tuna salad… summer rolls…BLT salads (with a vinegar as opposed to mayo dressing)… and a bottle of rose!

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