Jon Stewart, Jiminy Glick & Doughnuts

If you don’t laugh, we can’t be friends:

8 thoughts on “Jon Stewart, Jiminy Glick & Doughnuts”

  1. Tears are streaming down my face…

    “If it’s human waste, save some for me!”–J. Glick

  2. I’m sorry. I’ve never gotten this character or any of his bits. He’s a fat rude jerk, ok, where’s the punch line?

  3. The expression on John Stewart’s face and his valiant attempt to keep from smiling or laughing was absolutely hilarious in its own right! You don’t need to understand Martin Short’s character to appreciate the brilliant mix of simplicity and complexity in the humor. First, the obvious physical humor of the fat man stuffing his face with donuts and making a slob of himself. But then the insightful parody of comparing the different forms of addiction as well as the absurd format of interviews in general. It is one of those skits where the humor can cause deeper insight if you sit on it a little.

  4. Hilarious! Wonder if Short modeled Glick after Jon Lovitz. Certainly sounds like him at the end.

    The best was Glick shoving half his hand in there with the donut.

  5. Ohmygod. My stomach hurts from laughing. I suspect I will experience chuckle aftershocks for quite some time.

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