If you live in Seattle…

…you can have Craig’s sister, Kristin, as a waitress. Go visit her at her restaurant, The Fremont Classic, and tell her I sent you. This is her waiting on us last week:

…you can also be in Craig’s movie! If you want to be an extra, send an e-mail to info@trueadolescents.com with a brief physical description, full contact information, a recent photo, and your availability from August 4 through September 6. (For more information about the movie, visit the True Adolescents site.)

4 thoughts on “If you live in Seattle…”

  1. Three cheers for the Fremont Classic! I actually proposed to my wife there, out front on one of their benches. A bench that now resides in our backyard actually. True story. We’ll definitely have to go say howdy to Kristin one of these days…

  2. Hey, cool! I’ve been to Fremont Classic, having lived two blocks from it for a few years. Right now would be a great time to visit again, to take advantage of their outdoor seating.

    (Psst — it’s Fremont with one E!)


  3. I went to the Fremont Classic for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner! Its definitely a fun place. I don’t know about being an extra, but I’m more than willing to bake something for the cast and crew!

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