Deep Fried Twix Bars

The other night at Chip Shop in Park Slope with Kirk, James and Diana we’d stuffed ourselves silly with fried fish, fried potatoes, and fried beer (ok, the beer wasn’t fried). Then Kirk tried to kill us. “Who wants to share deep fried Twix bars? They’re awesome.” In all my years of adventurous eating, I’d never had a deep fried candy bar. So I said I was game. So was James and, eventually, Diana. Here’s what they brought out, photo by James:

First of all, kudos to Chip Shop on their thoughtful presentation (notice how they’re stacked and dusted with powdered sugar?) Second of all, look at Kirk’s beer: he had a Monty Python Holy Ale. I took a sip and it made me say Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni!

Anyway, after staring for a bit we finally lifted our forks and dove in. And OH MY LORD: you have no idea what you’re in for when it comes to a deep fried candy bar. It’s not just sick, sweet decadence: it’s much more than that. The chocolate and caramel MELT within the crispy batter so that it becomes almost unrecognizable in its goodness, like a whole new category of sweets you never knew existed. Words fail me now. All I can say, is if you’ve never had a deep fried candy bar you really should. I plan to have one every day until I die which, if I really have one every day, may happen sooner rather than later. You’re all invited to say “Ni” at my funeral.

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  1. If you’re ever in Dallas in October, our Texas State Fair offers something new in the fried dessert category every year. Snickers bars made a debut a few years back…I haven’t been able to bring myself to try fried snickers, fried cheesecake or fried key lime pie…you’ve given me courage. To try the candy bar anyway…Thanks.

  2. Self confessed Food snob that I am, my one weakness for bad evil processed food is for Twix Bars. Hence keep me away… err – is that keep me away from Chip Shop or keep me away from jumping on the next plane headed in Chip Shop’s direction?

  3. There was a place in Atlanta that used to do deep fried Twinkies with streams of hot fudge. I can’t tell you how good it was.

    Shame it had to shut down…

  4. I can totally sympathize – this year at Spring Fair at Hopkins, my friends finally convinced me to try a deep-fried Oreo. I ended up eating two and a half and not moving for the rest of the day, hehe. This sounds even better ..

  5. I can assure you that one of the most dangerous things at culinary school was the deep fryer.

    There were oreos and twinkies, mars, mounds and snickers,you name it we tried frying it at least once. Sadly, they were all really good. *sigh*

  6. You know, I now regret not having the fried Twinkies or fried Snickers bars at my local fair this summer. I see I’ve made a huge mistake! I’m guessing it tastes like when you put a fabulous piece of chocolate into your mouth and let it start melting…Am I even close?

  7. Next time at Chip Shop get the fried Reeses, I thought they were even better than the Twix. The lack of crunch made it just an awesome warm oozing chocolate/peanut butter dream

  8. The husband and I contemplated trying a fried candy bar this past weekend but decided to go for kick ass ice cream instead. Now I’m wishing we’d gone for the candy bar.

    Can anyone expound on the breading/coating? Is it tempura? I’m tempted to make them at home but don’t know how to coat them properly.

    @Jo: if we’d had more access to the fryers at my culinary school I’m sure we’d have seen all kinds of breaded and fried wonders. I’m also sure I would have gained another 10 pounds…

  9. I have had deep fried twinkies at our local amusement park in Branson, MO. Everytime I go I have to get them. They are awesome! Everyone thought they would be gross but once tried all became believers. So my question is what isn’t good deep fried?

  10. When I first read this I thought it said “Deep fried twinkies” (much like above commenter, it seems) but then I did a double take and noticed it said Twix Bars. HOLY CRAP! I LOVE Twix bars and this looks ridiculously good!! (I just wrote a post on my blog about candy bars in the office and the Twix are my favorite kind).

    Wow. Thank you for posting this Adam!

  11. oh my god–get to the gym fast!!! Twix bars are the worst for grams of fat and then you deep fry them?–can you spell double chin?

  12. we Scots have long been ridiculed for our love of battering and deep frying all manner of sweet things! Deep fried mars bar next?

  13. I indulged in a deep fried Twinkie at our gay pride festival here in Baltimore. It was scary and blissful at the same time. I have never felt simultaneously disgusted and happy at the same time as I did eating that Twinkie!

  14. Yeah. There’s really nothing better than deep fried candy bars. It doesn’t really matter what kind they are as long as there is chocolate involved.

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