Check Out The Sexy New Serious Eats

Remember when Olivia Newton John goes all bad in “Grease” and John Travolta’s got chills and they’re multiplying? You may feel the same way when you check out the new design of Serious Eats.

5 thoughts on “Check Out The Sexy New Serious Eats”

  1. The redesign looks great, Adam—and Serious Eats didn’t even need to slick on eyeliner and leather pants to do it!

  2. I’m loving the new serious eats redesign! I’m also loving the current shiva like cooking picture on the front page.

    When Olivia Newton John was filming those scenes for the movie, they had to stich her into her trousers as the zipper broke because they were so tight. Lets hope serious eats is still able to take bathroom breaks when necessary.


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  3. A sponsor, with comments closed, on SeriousEats, is THE NATIONAL PORK BOARD.

    That’s really all I need to know. Factory farming = no conscience, no morals, and big big big marketing/advertising dollars.

    And then there’s the whole Kosher thing.

    I think the modern day adaptation for Kosher pork—oxymoron? Ask the Jewish people who eat bacon and other pork products—would be if this pork is CLEAN and HUMANELY RAISED and SUSTAINABLY RAISED.

    This is NOT how you’re supposed to convince people you are cool and groovy.

    I say SHAME ON SERIOUS EATS for that sponsorship. Really, Adam. Really, Ed. Really, everyone who is a partner, whose name is on the masthead.

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