An Impromptu Food Blogger Meet-Up

Fate must be a fan of food blogs. It just so happens that my arrival in Seattle coincided with the arrival of David Lebovitz who you may recognize from the lyrics to a pretty brilliant song. The Seattle food blog militia got together and planned a dinner in my honor (David doesn’t have any honor) at Impromptu, a restaurant whose chef is Chef, betrothed to Shauna the Gluten Free Girl. Add to the mix Molly Orangette, Tara of Tea and Cookies and Lara of Cook and Eat and you have a fun table of people. Here’s the guest of dis-honor with Shauna:

The room is a beautiful space with lots of light pouring in (we met at 7) and it’s near the water so the location is terrifically scenic. We ordered a Washington State white wine for the table–a Sauvignon Blanc, I believe–and, according to the waitress, it tasted like melon. After much gabbing and nose-picking (check out David’s version) we ordered some tasty food.

I started with some mussels which were delectable in a creamy broth:


And then, for my entree, I had this very colorful chicken:


I think they should serve that chicken with a side of sunglasses.

Now David amused us all with a gift his friend gave him: an anti-bacterial “hook” that one can use to flush a toilet or to touch other surfaces that may or may not be contaminated. I told David if he could get the cork back into the bottle of wine using only the hook I’d give him $4. Here is his valiant attempt:


Alas, the cork rolled to the floor as did David’s self-esteem. He almost redeemed himself later when he opened a box of chocolate and I challenged him to guess which one had fruit in it. “That one,” he said, pointing to a flat one near the corner. I bit in and David watched me eagerly. But I shook my head “no.” A chocolate expert indeed!

Despite David’s failures, though, the night was terrifically fun. It was great to meet everyone and even greater to get to eat some of the famous Chef’s food (I met him for a fleeting moment–he had a busy night–and he’s as great as Shauna says he is). Soon we all parted ways and headed back to our respective blogs but the memory of David with his hook-hand re-corking the wine will haunt us forever.

6 thoughts on “An Impromptu Food Blogger Meet-Up”

  1. This post has so many inaccuracies it puts Fox News to shame.

    First off, it’s bad enough you steal my hook, but it’s pretty pathetic that you’re grossly inflating to your readers how much ‘incentive’ you gave me to put that cork back in the bottle. It was a lousy $2 bucks. Two bucks! Geez, for two dollars I’ll barely get outta bed in the morning. I chiseled you up to $3, but that was really pushing it. No wonder, I didn’t have much incentive to get it back in there.

    And those chocolates were a trick. You say you tasted one, then asked me to taste it to tell you if it’s got fruit in it. Seriously, I ask you (and your readers), would you eat anything Adam picked up with those hands?

    Lord (and my Flickr page) only know where they’ve been.

    At least I left that dinner with my head held high…while a certain someone left something behind a little less savory.

    And I think I saw him wipe it under the table.

  2. I have to say, that was some amazing evening. The Chef and I were honored to have you all in the restaurant. (Somehow, I missed the entire nose-picking thing. Did that happen when I went back to the kitchen to kiss the Chef?)

    Come back anytime, Adam. There is more food here. (Next time, perhaps not so bright…)

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