The Lasagna Song

News flash: The Sopranos had its last episode Sunday night. Did you see it? We did. In fact, we were all so engrossed that when this lasagna (from “Molto Italiano”) came out of the oven–a lasagna that I spent a few hours making, and spent a good amount of money on–we decided to wait until the episode was over before we ate it:

And as everyone bit in, instead of singing its praises everyone said: “What kind of ending was that?” Or: “Did the cable cut out?” Or: “Worst series finale ever!” (However, after much discussion half of us came around and decided we liked it. The ending, that is.)

Meanwhile, the merits of my lasagna remained unsung. So today I present to you this lasagna song which pays homage to a lasagna that, in my opinion, was worth singing about. You can find the recipe online here, though I cheated and used dry pasta. (I was going to make the lasagna from scratch, but didn’t have enough time.) The results were still tremendous. Harmonicas, however, are optional.

19 thoughts on “The Lasagna Song”

  1. Again I ask, what CAN’T you do? I know there’s a food musical/screenplay just waiting to be written. And your one handed piano, one handed harmonica rhythm is just fine!

    Oh yeah, the lasagna made my mouth water. It’s beautiful.

  2. Thanks for making me smile at the end of a long work day. And don’t listen to martee–your rhythm was just fine.

  3. I played this while my husband was in the room and he comes from a family of German/Swedish/Poles where laughing out loud is verboten. I know something is funny when he laughs out loud (I’ve seen it maybe a dozen times in the nine years we’ve been married). A better compliment I could not give you.

  4. You’re silly! But my next question is: if Stephen Sondheim writes a musical about food, and it’s one of those John Doyle productions where all the actors and actresses play all the instruments, will you be in line to try out?

  5. I’m trying to wipe the smile off my face (after 5 minutes) but I can’t……….you are SO adorable :)

  6. Not only was that a lovely homage to lasagna, but I am TOTALLY impressed that you picked up the harmonica, realized it was backwards and flipped it around in order to play it in the blink of an eye, without missing even a nanosecond of the beat!


  7. cellulite, yes. but to rhyme, you may want to change it to glucose, since cellulose is what plants are made of, and is something that eukaryotic cells (ie: non-bacterial cells) can’t break down. so there’s also no way we could convert food to cellulose. but we do break food into glucose.

    sorry, i’m just so bored right now.

    awesome song, tho! very entertaining! next time could you make it last, like, two hours longer… something to fill my night with? maybe put together a musical?

  8. Oh, I remember seeing this recipe in Gourmet quite awhile ago. It looked so deliciousss. I really do love you, you know. :)

  9. Steph the cave person

    You are so sweet and you remind me of myself when I was more free in my own skin…thanks to zeep, I can now view your videos again…(I thought I was computer savvy and had that on my resume, but now I must reconsider…)

    Keep it coming Adam! I love it!

  10. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Love the harmonica interlude…food companies should seriously hire you to write their jingles…wish someone would do a song about one of my recipes! Keep up the singing!

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