Öko & The Fro-Yo Song

One of the joys of living New York is that you can be reading Florence Fabricant’s column in the New York Times about a new frozen yogurt place in Park Slope and then realize that to get there you need only walk out your door and over a few blocks. And that’s exactly what I did after reading about Öko which, apparently, means “eco” in Hungarian. What does “eco” mean in English? Regardless, here’s what I brought back:

That’s just plain frozen yogurt (there was only plain or wild berry) with kiwi and a gooseberry on top. I’d never had a gooseberry and I immediately heard Veruca Salt’s voice: “The gooseberries taste like gooseberries, the snozberries taste like snozberries!” In fact, this gooseberry was like nature’s version of one of those gummy sour balls, except not gummy. It had a wonderful surprising squirt of sour.

And as for the yogurt, the richness and complex flavors took me by surprise. This is some serious frozen yogurt–the Harvard graduate to TCBY’s community college drop-out–and I couldn’t get enough. And with the kiwi it felt like a healthy snack, but was it? Lisa tells me that unless it says low fat, it’s probably still fattening. So I guess I can’t eat it three times a day. Perhaps this video, the last video of music week, will set the record straight.

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  1. THANK YOU for making me laugh out loud for the first time this week. And I already watched back-to-back episodes of 30 Rock. This was the best one among an awesome bunch. Lisa’s amazing too. I tried thinking of writing a song but was taking WAY too much time for a guy studying for the MLE!

    By the way, why do you have a fat suit lying around? :)

    ENCORE! Or not– your choice. Tee hee.

  2. Love it!

    It’s weird to hear about somebody’s first time eating gooseberries, as I have grown up by eating them from my own yard! Still so much to discover, isn’t there?

  3. NOT a gooseberry, surely! Gooseberries are the same size, granted, but green and slightly furry and you cannot eat them raw – they have to be stewed with sugar. That looks like a physalis, or a Chinese gooseberry, they grow covered in lovely little paper hats.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, unless they have some new crazy machine, all soft serve products are low in fat; otherwise they wouldn’t stay soft.

    So go eat your fro yo! with abandon!

  5. I think you’ve got a physalis/cape gooseberry there, not a regular gooseberry. They’re amazingly delicious. I wish they were easier to find in New York!

  6. I am going to be that annoying person:

    Willy Wonka actually says the line “the Snozberries taste like snozberries” and Veruca Salt says “Snozberies? There’s no such thing as a snozberry!” And then he grabs her face and says something deep and poetic about how we are the dreamers and magic makers.

    We got HBO in 1980. That movie was on like 20 times a week.

  7. BEST AG post ever, and I’ve been coming to your site since the dark ages. Loved this. I hope you do another musical week soon!

  8. That was brilliant! You both a blotty talented individuals! You made my day. Thank you.

  9. Hahahaha, that was hilarious! Looks like you guys had so much fun making it, too. I loved your laughing fits and “dramatic” gestures! You should seriously be a Broadway producer. I can see it in lights; FOOD: The Musical

  10. upon completion of your song, my (almost) two year old, quiet through the whole performance, exclaimed…


    my sentiments exactly.

    bravo! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  11. we have now watched your video four times at my daughter’s request of “bo-yo?”

    looks like i have a mini-foodie on my hands. and a mini-fan of AG!

  12. can you send the plain frozen yogurt to the south bay, please? you can have manresa! i don’t care! GIVE ME THE PLAIN FROZEN YOGURT!!

  13. That video was sooo cute, and you wrote that? It’s so funny with all the different parts of the song leading back to the melody. It almost seemed like a mini fro yo opera! The frodo part made me laugh my butt off! Great job!

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