Off To Seattle

I’m headed out to Seattle–my flight leaves at 6:50 am!–and I’ll be there for the next two weeks to join Craig as he embarks on his directorial debut. His film–an independent feature–is called True Adolescents and you can read all about it on The True Adolescents page or on MySpace. We may be location scouting the next few days–Craig said something about hiking and camping on the beach (will that involve physical exertion on my part?)–but expect a post sometime in the middle of the week. Off to the airport I go!

5 thoughts on “Off To Seattle”

  1. Welcome back to the Emerald City AG! If you’re serious about checking out the beach, you guys should make your way over to Kalaloch on the coast… It is an incredibly beautiful area and easily accessible as well. The coastline out on the peninsula is awesome – the rain forest inland on the peninsula is magnificent in its own right as well. Maybe that’s what Craig has planned already! :) In any case, if you have the time and inclination, it is well worth checking out.

    Cheers my friend!

  2. Bon voyage! If you’re going to be in Seattle for two weeks, you should drive down to Portland for a weekend. It’s only 150 miles south of Seattle and has great restaurants and lots of fun places. If you need recommendations, feel free to ping me.


  3. Adam- Let me know if you want some coffee reccs! There are a few not-to-miss places! Email me.

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