Music Week Wrap-Up

Thanks everyone for indulging me/us this Music Week. In case you weren’t able to watch the videos–or, in case you loved them so much you want to put those songs on your iPod (please let me know if you do: I know a good therapist)–here are all four tracks in mp3 form. Have a great weekend!

The Malted Milk Ice-Cream Song

The Lasagna Song

Falafel Love

Fro-Yo (A Mini-Musical)

[Click to listen to the songs online. Right-click to download to your desktop, import to your iTunes, and enjoy these songs on repeat every day for the rest of your life…]

3 thoughts on “Music Week Wrap-Up”

  1. I vote to extend music week into music year! All of the songs were fantastic, Adam, and you and your friends are v talented.

  2. Oooh, that’s dangerous, Adam. I’ve had the malted milk song stuck in my head for three days! (if it’s still there tomorrow, can I bill you for my therapy?:-)

  3. I love you guys, or guy i dont know but i love your songs they are halarious and i love food. The two worlds do mix well…

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