Falafel Love (A Song)

Music week continues today with falafel! Not only does falafel have three bouncy, musical syllables but it’s also a food I’ve never attempted to make at home. I recruited my friends Lisa and Ricky who are not only game falafel makers but also wonderful musicians and singers (they sing the song at the end of the post). We used Joan Nathan’s recipe which you can read here on Epicurious. Here are Lisa and Ricky rolling our falafel in flour:

The process is actually really simple. In a food processor you combine chickpeas, onion, parsley, cilantro, salt, dried hot red pepper, garlic, cumin, and baking powder:


But then it gets tricky. You’re supposed to add 4 Tbs of flour and then keep adding flour until it comes together in a small ball. That never happened. We kept adding flour, and it was still a wet mess. At one point, after adding about 6 Tbs of flour, we tasted the batter and it tasted too floury. So we added more chickpeas and grinded again and then put the batter in the freezer to firm up.

Meanwhile, I heated oil to 375 and after a few moments in the freezer, Lisa and Ricky shaped the falafel batter into “walnut-sized” balls that they then rolled in flour. I dropped a few in the oil at a time, being careful not to overcrowd:


And out they came looking pretty beautiful:


I think I could’ve fried them a tiny drop longer: they weren’t that crispy. But their texture was great: soft on the inside, and packed with flavor. We served our falafel with onions, tomato and a tahini sauce that we made by mixing Tahini with water, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper:


I heated pita in the oven and, at the end, it all came together quite spectacularly:


So specatcular, in fact, that we wrote a song about it. Here’s Lisa and Ricky performing in a song we all wrote together: Falafel Love. Enjoy! (Note: if you’re having trouble viewing the videos, you may need to install flash!)

27 thoughts on “Falafel Love (A Song)”

  1. Nice guest performers. Really sounds like you’re putting together a Foodie Fantasticks!

    I hope you’ll do something like that. I’d be happy to make you a huge bowl of hummus for opening night (to go with your falafel). :)

  2. Okay… a few comments: Ricky’s dreamy, and what was the cause of the flour problem? How did you resolve it? Was it a problem with the recipe or the execution?

  3. The songs just keep getting better, seriously you start on a foodie musical that takes you though new york, it would be amazing.

  4. Hi Adam,I’ve been enjoying your blog forever, but here is my first comment.Can you forgive me this tardiness? From what I know of falafel making, the chick peas are not supposed to be cooked, they just need to soaked from dry beans. That may be the reason for the non crispy, too much flour problem you encountered. I respect Joan Nathan very highly, but you should check some other recipes to confirm this.

    Thanks for your great blog.


  5. Your blog is great, I’m sure your book is even better, but it’s clear that you have missed your true calling! This is awesome. I second the vote for a foodie musical.

  6. Hilarious!

    You should really think about the food musical idea. I can already imagine actors running around in falafel costumes!

  7. Keith is right on — the best way to make falafel is to start with dried garbanzos that have been soaked for at least 12 hours. You drain them and then process ’em up. (I also find it helps to refrigerate the patties before frying them).

  8. I want to see the broadway show…with the falafel singers starring….

    they were fantastic!!!!!

    And way to go on making your own falafel…I prefer to just buy a mix and bake it not fry it….but make all the fixin’s to go with it for a fun meal

    I’ll bring it backstage!

  9. I am seeing visions of a chorus line of falafel balls – kicking, kicking high!

    weeeeeeee! kick kick! FAW-LAH-FULLLL!!

    ok, on another note – AG – for the love of all that is holy and even unholy, what is your take on the new episode/season of Top Chef?

    Curious readings of your blog want to know! (or at least i do)

  10. Really cute couple, great song with a bit of acting in the mix. What are their day jobs?

    Song is something to build around.

  11. Yeah, just soak up the beans, better texture. Also for your safety, reduce the amount of oil in that pot… 2-3 inches at the bottom would have worked fine. This photo is a fire hazard! Seriously easy on the deep frying oil…

  12. you need to compile these songs into a musical. amateur gourmet: the musical! i would definitely go see it.

  13. Adam,

    Our song seems to be a hit. I hope all of you who like it will check out girlrobot.tv, where I am co-writing more songs and producing videos for the world’s first robotic woman!

    Did I mention that Lisa will be in the next video? And Adam might even have some surprises in store over there soon, too. Yay!

  14. Great post! Try using bread crumbs instead of the flour–it should solve the problem of the whole thing being a sticky mess.

  15. I own a wholesome Kebab & Vegetarian shop in Noosa, Australia. “KEBABYLON” We, outside Cater and Wholesale Felafel Mix.

    True falafel is blended with first Chick Pea (Gabanzo), and Fava (Faba)bean – dried and soaked overnight.To which you first make a “Salsa” from fresh garlic, lemon juice & chilli (v small amount)and Corrinader (silento).

    To this you add “asafotedia” an (indian spice) to stop flautulence! and Cumin for the same reason.

    Then add your soaked Peas in blender.

    Mistake is to make them too big. or like balls. make them small disks 30gms.

    Cook shallow fry until golden brown immedi add fresh lemon and sea salt.

    BEST RECIPEE FOR VEGANS, diet CLEANSERS, GLUTEN FREE.99% Fat Free .except for oil used in cooking!

    We sell soo many that we are wholesaling now!

    Give Cooking Love!

    Thinking about starting U tube site let me know if you love this recipee

    KR Diana.

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