Elise’s Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

Isn’t the internet great? On that same trip to the farmer’s market (see Green Garlic Soup) I bought a bunch of rhubarb and a carton of strawberries. After having that soup for dinner, I wanted to make a strawberry rhubarb cobbler, only I didn’t have a recipe. Enter the internet. I Googled “Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler” and what was the fourth result? My friend Elise’s recipe. And guess what? As you can see by the picture above, it’s a pretty fantastic recipe. You can read the recipe here. The only substitution I made was, because I didn’t have any tapioca (and it was too late to go get some), I just used an equal amount of corn starch. That worked fine. Hot out of the oven and topped with a scoop of David Lebovitz’s vanilla bean ice cream (which I had in the fridge), springtime desserts don’t get much better. But you better act fast: strawberry and rhubarb season’s almost over. Get thee to the farmer’s market!

5 thoughts on “Elise’s Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler”

  1. Hey Adam,

    I love that recipe! It took us several tries last year to get it just right. I think I gained 5 pounds just from the experimenting. What a great way to start the first official day of summer. Good to know it works just as well with corn starch. Yummmmm.

  2. Tis the season I guess. I just made a strawberry-rhubarb cobbler tonight. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen..will post pix tomorrow. It was my first rhubarb experience and quite a good one at that.

  3. Strawberry-rhubarb brings back a sweet-sixteen summer vacation in Minnesota. Raiding my Aunt Clara’s garden for strawberries… Great desserts… I must get the recipe to make for my dad.

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