Video Podcast: The Gum Experiment

Wrigley’s sent me a giant black box, last week, with the words “Five is the New Black.” The box was filled with gum, their new “Five” gum, and the flavors had crazy names like Cobalt, Rain and Flare. I said to Diana, “Do you think you could guess which was which if you tasted them?” And thus a video podcast was born.

9 thoughts on “Video Podcast: The Gum Experiment”

  1. Yes, but have you ever heard of “Black Black” gum? Interesting stuff… And Aloha Diana!

  2. I love the look on Diana’s face after she chews the first piece…it doesn’t look like the gum was very tasty!

  3. can you tell us if the gum is any good?

    also i wonder if all these fancy eat-local/sustainable foodies chew gum. since you know, aspartame is delicious and gives lab rats cancer.

  4. I love videos with Diana! Maybe Wrigley’s is working on the other two flavors. I wonder what the names could be? I suggest Surf, Mist, Swamp, or Pizzaz.

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