Me in the French Laundry Bathroom

Did I eat at the French Laundry? Nope!

Did I use the bathroom? You betcha!

More to come tomorrow night…

18 thoughts on “Me in the French Laundry Bathroom”

  1. Great to see you today, Adam! Glad you made it to Yountville. How lucky for you that the storm cleared up and it was gorgeous all afternoon.

    Now, I’m wondering what the conversation was around this photo. “I’m a famous foodblogger, can I please pee here?”

  2. now you are truly a dangerous food blogger.

    Will you at least get to eat at the place?

    Foie Gras twinkies?

    Whole wheat carob pocky?

    Gorgonzola cheese whiz?

    so many possibilities.. don’t stop at the tidy bowl!

  3. celeste DaMarco

    Well, Adam, since your parents and their credit cards did not accompany you to California, are we going to read about all the bathrooms of the nice restaurants you didnt eat in?

  4. As I now live in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I regret I was not able to meet you today in San Francisco.

    I have not been to the French Laundry, but I have the cookbook……

    Enjoy the city, my friend. And stick to the basics, not the trendies. San Francisco still has some great old standbys, with good quality still. And a lot of fly-by-night trendy places. Select carefully……

  5. “You actually did it” – did what? Ask to use the toilet, and were allowed in? Unlike many places in NY, people in Yountville are undoubtedly quite nice and laid back, so this is kind of a non-issue.

    Playboy Mansion toilets, THAT’S worth talking about.

  6. Perfect. I should have peed at the French Laundry. Instead, I bought a sweet-laden picnic at Bouchon Bakery, which was pretty good too, while driving back down to SF.

    Lucky you, being in one of the best-ever areas for food and adventures and everything else. Just don’t forget to do some of the really great down-scale eating in SF — ice-cream at Mitchell’s, quesadillas and tacos and burritos from the El Tonyense truck or El Farolito or La Taqueria. And make sure you get a Mexican coke in a glass bottle (made with real cane sugar instead of corn syrup) at any of these taquerias, all of which are in the Mission. Another food I love which is easy to get in the Mission but hard to find in NYC are pupusas, a Salvadoran treat. Best ones are at La Santaneca. Enjoy!

  7. Golly, closest I’ve ever come is tripping and falling in their yard as I ran from Yountville police at 2am when I was a teenager.

    (We were being chased by cops for breaking curfew, we’d been playing on the swingset at a nearby park)

  8. Adam, I did the same thing a few years back. N and I had eaten dinner at Jeanty and were sneaking around the property to get a look when we discovered the bathroom. I snagged a few of their fancy paper towels and slinked away. To this date it’s the closest I’ve gotten to eating at the FL. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to Pigalle tonight. Would’ve been fun to meet you!

  9. This is to funny, why I love reading this blog. Screw the food, let’s see the bathroom! hahaha I read your comment in the talk section over at , and I must say it was quite appropriate! Good job…

  10. Oh la la, very French Laundry bathroom. All that marble! The rattan basket doesn’t fit in though. By-the-way,Gaida visited Moma restaurant(N.Y) and described all the dishware and salt&pepper shakers-go Gaida,go Adam!!!

  11. Jeffrey Castaline

    We dined with a party of ten in Sept. 2006 and 2007. At our 2007 seating they forgot the promised birthday cake and 5 of the 9 dishes were the same as the previous year. When we emailed and asked them to vary the menu, Thomas Keller called us personally and said, “If you don’t like what I serve, don’t come.” We cancelled and will now dine at Gary Danko’s in S.F., a much better restaurant. French Laundry is SO not worth what they charge you.

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