By Its Cover

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you the cover of my book!

I’m so psyched I can barely contain it. Only four months to go before this book is in your hands! (And you can pre-order it here.)

28 thoughts on “By Its Cover”

  1. AG, that makes me want to roll around in a big pile of chopped red onion — awesome!! But…I hope Lolita will make an appearance, maybe on the flap of the dustjacket? ;P

  2. as an ex-bookseller, i have to tell you: that is a GREAT COVER. that will sell like hotcakes out of the food section. especially if it has a recipe for hotcakes. but even if it doesn’t, that cover is made for a display rack. nice!

  3. The cover looks great and the subtitle of the book is hilarious. Congrats Adam! I am pre-ordering my copy right now!

  4. Congrats, Adam. You’ve worked hard and it has come to fruition. If you do a book signing in Chicago or Indy I’m totally there.

  5. The cover is awesome. If you had posted it on April 1st, I would have thought it was a joke. That’s a compliment.

  6. Adam, please tell your agent to get you into the National Book Festival in DC this year…so I can shake your hand after you sign my copy!!! Of course, I’d go to any bookstore in DC if you were making an appearance, it’s just that I think the NBF would be a fabulous venue for you.


  7. Congrats on the book. One question: why isn’t your picture on the cover? They should be able to subsitute your mug for the doll’s face.

  8. Great looking cover! One thing though. I am a proofreader, and web site is actually two words.

  9. A Big Fan of the AG

    This is clearly the icing on the cake, Adam! Your book looks ravishing and I agree, it is an eye-catcher. I’ve been bragging to my brother about your success and I’m gonna get this for his birthday. Will you autograph the pre-orders?

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