The Death of Wine Glass #4

Paparazzi were quick on the scene when Craig, who previously blamed my cleaning brush for his tendency to break my wine glasses, clumsily knocked another one over Monday night, bringing his broken wine glass record to 4.


This most recent wine glass disaster came after a generous wine glass donation from site reader and dear friend Lisa G. who, knowing it was my birthday, bought me a set of wine glasses to replace the ones Craig broke. Unfortunately, this most recent wine glass casualty was from the new set. It is survived by five very nervous wine glasses.

12 thoughts on “The Death of Wine Glass #4”

  1. Wow, look at those pictures…trash and TRASHED!

    You should have implemented my plan Adam.

  2. I’m always breaking wine glasses, too. That’s why I switched to the European-style wine tumblers they have at Crate and Barrel. They’re too thick to break, and I can pretend I’m at some Spanish cafe.

  3. It’s true, tumblers rule – but if you insist on classy, fragile glasses AG, you should go out to Pier 1 or Crate-n-Barrel or something and buy a truckload of cheap ones – if one of those breaks,well no biggie. Save the fancy shmancy glasses for special events only. They’ll last much longer that way.

    Trust me – I know.

  4. Kristen is right! Trash and Trashed!

    Looks like you need to do a bit more recycling, too – all paper is recyclable even those annoying magazine inserts.

  5. Whether you live, work, or visit NYC –

    Recycling is the Law! Your building owner could be fined for your decision not to recycle!

  6. After I broke all four wineglasses a friend gave me (took a whole month!), she went out and bought me a set of plastic wineglasses. They’ve held up so far, and are lighter to hold. Now I just have to not melt the darned things!

  7. Move to Las Vegas. One casino’s (South Point) weekly free gift for the past two months has been wine glasses.

    Neither my husband nor I drink wine, but we love freebies, so now we can sip Fanta in relative luxury without having to do any dishes. (We just unpack another glass…)

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