Valentine’s Day

Hey reader: What are your V.D. plans??

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  1. Tonight we’re going to Anise Cafe which is a Vietnamese/French fusion place. I know… blech.. fusion. But this place is decent and the atmosphere is romantic.

    On Sunday I’ll be cooking my husband a nice dinner. (Gravlax, Cream of Asparagus soup, Greek salad, lamb chops w/ sweet pea risotto and bread pudding for dessert). I bought a couple candles and candle holders. I’m going to get a nice bouquet of flowers and even went as far as to print menus. I think he’ll be impressed.

  2. No date plans, just making myself a nice dinner of my favs with a glass of wine. Marinated flank steak and some fried potatoes. MMM. Happy Valentine’s to ME. :)

  3. Home, quiet and she’s cooking which is a nice flip in our house. And really with it so icy and cold here in DC, it makes you happy to have paid the mortgage this month and that is true romance… okay not really, but it works for this Valentine’s day.

  4. The lady and I will be trying a yet-to-be-determined recipe from my newly acquired copy of “All About Braising”! Cheers AG and fellow readers – hope y’all have a wonderful Valentines…

  5. I’m making my valentine roasted beet soup with creme fraiche, oven roasted dungeness crab and chocolate covered strawberries – all with champagne. Hope your evening is sweet!

  6. Whoa, I hope you don’t mean *that* kind of VD…

    I plan on spending the night with my first love…television.

  7. My handsome man and I are killing time before we head out to Mark’s in West Hollywood for a little lovey-dovey dinner and drink (or two). Not the most fantastic restaurant in the world, but they serve a decent, festive pre-fixe menu and we get to be surrounded by gorgeous men. Actually, any place I go with my guy would make for an absolutely perfect night! Happy Valentine’s to you and Craig!

  8. Rounded up the gang for a pork-fest at Daisy May’s BBQ. Not romantic in the least, but we had a great time. Plus there were red velvet cupcakes and plenty of leftovers!

  9. our v-day plans: just some takeout from our favourite italian bistro around the corner and a movie at home, followed by some homemade chocolate pear cake awesomeness, to be posted about post haste.

  10. I cooked to avoid the crowds in restaurants. I bought a half bottle of champagne and had pork roast with potatoes and a chocolate tort for dessert. I don’t really need flowers or chocolate on VD but I wouldn’t turn them down. But if you will empty the dishwasher for me-without being asked-I am yours forever.

  11. Went to a parade… hey, it’s Mardi Gras and I live in New Orleans. They threw heart shaped beads and flowers… so that was nice.

  12. My man made me gourmet mac and cheese along with garlicky kale and grilled filets. Dessert was a Deathcake (basically a quarter inch of cupcake with almost two inches of chocolate ganache).

    It was amazing and I’m really lucky.

  13. The boy and I cooked dinner for his parents:

    Warm salad of broccoli rabe, roasted beets, roasted artichoke, and chevre

    Seared duck breast and duck leg confit in a balsamic-fig sauce

    Sweet potato risotto

    Red Velvet Cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting

  14. For us, Valentine’s Day is put off until Saturday. So, on that day I will be making Ribeye steaks, Barefoot Contessa’s Potato-Fennel Gratin, and also from the Barefoot Contessa, Coeur a la Creme with Raspberry Sauce.

  15. I will be making The Regine Truffle, named after my friend who’s devotion to chocolate is inspirational. With this truffle I plan not to seduce anyone. In fact as far as I’m concerned there is no third Party, just me and Regine. She is the only one I hope to be seduced by this Valentine’s day and if you follow the recipe posted on my blog, you can be seduced by her as well.

    (I’m talking about Regine the Truffle silly, not the girl!)

  16. Because I do all of the cooking in our house, my husband always takes me out for Valentine’s Day dinner, even though it’s a terrible night to visit the restaurants. Our experience wasn’t too terrible though. We first went to a wine bar and shared part of a bottle Oregon Pinot Noir, then to the restaurant where we had amazingly good service and just so-so food. I had terribly over-priced lobster and my hub had ribeye steak. both had sides of mashed potatoes (not my favorite at all, but probably easy for the restaurant to produce in mass). We opted out of dessert, but the restaurant gave everyone housemade dark chocolate truffles and the ladies a red rose at the end of dinner anyway. I thought that was a nice value-added touch.

  17. I made my special lady her favorite phad thai and one of those molten chocolate cakes like you get at those fancy pants resturants. Washed it down with a bottle of cava.


  18. We cooked up some steak tips that we’d marinated overnight, and had them alongside some roasted asparagus w/feta on top. And then we watched “Babette’s Feast”. One of the best food movies ever! A super cozy night.

  19. I brought him chocolate-covered strawberries and homemade bread. Not over the top, but a sweet gesture. He made me a simple breakfast, spicy scrambled eggs and toast. All together, a success.

  20. I made cookies with rosewater and topped them with homemade buttercream frosting. I then took edible orchid blossoms and laid them on top. I took them to my wife, who was in the hospital, where she and her nurses enjoyed them very much!

  21. Dear Amateur Gourmet,

    Last year I met Craig at around about this time – and it was not until recently that I remembered that he’d mentioned that he had just met this completely fantastic guy who had this food blog. Any how – I was representing a wine called Bellingham at the time… and it was not until I saw your post earlier about travelling to Bellingham with Craig that I put two and two together. Any how – I’m James’ cousin Ruarri… and I was wondering if you would mind putting a ransom out on a wine for me. I haven’t been able to find it – and needed a to know if anyone knew where to find it. I’ve written a review on it – which I can send to, and perhaps you could consider. Keep up the awesome work on Amateur Gourmet… I bet you’d be surprised to here that you have a small following in South Africa – I have to friends who are chefs back home and they both independantly mentioned your blog.

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