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Check out tomorrow’s NYT Sunday Styles section (or, for the impatient, see it here) and read all about me and my fellow New York food bloggers. I think the article has a bit of a negative spin (gossipy and competitive? Maybe a few, but not most) and I think it unfairly characterizes my Alain Ducasse experience (it says I wrote a letter “begging to be invited for free” when, in fact, I was responding to a P.R. e-mail asking me to promote their white truffle menu on my site). Ultimately, though, it’s very exciting to be showcased by the Gray Lady in the “newspaper of record” (and the one I read religiously each Sunday). To all new readers, welcome! To all the old ones, thanks for reading! Ok, time to roast another chicken.

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  1. I read that last night online…the incorrect description of the Ducasse invite jumped out at me immediately, and bummed me out.

  2. congratulations! i happened upon the article in my regular nytimes online scouring and got all excited. hurray! and a belated hurrah for meeting mario. also, i sent a corrections email to the nytimes about the “begging” statement. it’s a misleading and inaccurate comment to commit to print!

  3. You have now been called a “world famous mooch” by to two of the most regarding publications: New York magazine and the NY Times.

    How does that feel? Mooch.

  4. I noticed the mis-characterization too — which says MUCH about the memorability of that review. Congratulations to you and all the others!

  5. it’s interesting that you would put in your lead sentence “…read all about me…” I think that sums it up nicely.

    and, your Alain Ducasse experience is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

  6. Really enjoyed the article and picture in Sunday’s New York Times………..Cannot wait for the debut of your FIRST book!

  7. Wow, some harsh critics here! I’m writing to tell everyone to try out . This is a great resource for people who enjoy dining out and don’t want to be a “mooch”. They feature some great discounts on excellent restaurants and are updated regularly, check it out!

  8. that article did bring up some issues i’ve been thinking about lately (regarding all food bloggers, but i’ll ask you) — are you always straight-up about stuff you’ve been comped? do restaurants guess you’re a blogger (with all that photo activity, or maybe you just tell them?) and treat you differently & comp you stuff?

    These issues seem a lot more important now that blogs have more power.

  9. Congratulations Adam!!! Sorry about the negative spin, but any press is good press, right? And personally, if you keep writing your incredibly funny posts, I don’t care how many meals you get for free! Keep up the hilarious work, my friend.

  10. For what it’s worth, Adam, we had our tongue in cheek when we called you a mooch. Although your feats at Le Cirque and Ducasses are truly commendable!

  11. Yeah. I always read Josh’s pokes at you on Grub Street as tongue-in-cheek. And besides, how many food journalists out there aren’t attending all these P.R. events and eating from the trough of free food?

  12. Congratulations! I also read the Alain Ducasse “begging” bit and thought “wait…what?” Besides, if begging for white truffles and then receiving them for free is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  13. Its funny, we have a restaurant and whenever anyone make little complaints we go in the back and issue a “mooch” alert. A lot of people use petty excuses to get money off the bill or free meals. I truely believe that a food critic should never accept a free meal or credit. This keeps everything honest and friendly.

  14. Adam, This article made me look up your eGullet thread on Charlie Trotter. That was a great read & even Bourdain chimed in in your defense. Great blog, can’t wait for the book!

  15. I was kinda upset with the way that they portrayed you. But then I thought that you are getting the plug for your book, so it probably evens out. Great photo though, looks like you are having fun.

  16. The way they portrayed you isn’t the only thing they got wrong. Someone needs a better copy editor. “As appetizers arrived, one of E. U.’s owners, Jason Hennings, came to the table … Mr. Jennings proceeded to debate about the merits…” I can be snarky too

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